Chair spoiler

Sidan Gossip girlsss svarade på två frågor om gossip girl och såhär svara dom.

Prinnie: Any CB news?

Like I once said, what you see is REALLY what you’re gonna get. Filming pictures do not lie. There will be no juicy CB to quench your thirst in upcoming episodes…with the exception of one scheme the two will be involved in that will lead to something you might not be too happy with.

Ladynetdoma: How long will the Thorpes stay on the UES?

Gossip Girl guest stars aren’t what they used to be. Looks like Juliet and Ben Sharpe started a trend of guests overstaying their welcome. The Thorpe clan will be around a while.

Tråkigt tråkigt för oss CB fans :(

Postat av: E

ugh, hoppas dem inte syftade på Dair!

2010-12-27 @ 18:03:19

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