Latest Kristin Spoiler!

Kristin svarar frågor om Gossip girl!! Lite spoiler i texten!

Frederick: What is up with the E! Online story that Gossip Girl is ending?!
That’s my buddy Marc Malkin who heard from Leighton Meester herself that her contract is up in two years, but don’t hit the panic button just yet! My CW sources tell me the network is not ready to give up on the series anytime soon. If it means working out more flexible agreements in the years to come (à la Taylor Momsen’s this season) so that some of the cast can do more outside projects, that may happen, and Gossip Girl could end up getting some fresh blood. (Just like that Glee rumor that’s out there. I like to call it the Menudo effect.) The bottom line is that it’s just too early to speculate what will happen in two years, but here’s hoping Leighton sticks around.

Drew: Are Blair and Dan going to hook up on Gossip Girl? They were so great together in the episode where they helped Serena, and I would kind of like to see what that pairing would be like.
Couldn’t agree more. My source says “no comment” but I smell a little somethin’-somethin’ brewing, and I hope my nose knows! When asked how the fourth Gossip Girl season is treating her at this weekend’s Country Strong junket, Leighton told us: “She has an unexpected friendship with Dan, which has been fun because I like working with Penn. And I can’t tell you anything else.”

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I just visited your site...its abosolutely wonderful... Best of luck to you! You must have some great inspiration in your life. Take care

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