Leighton modell för missoni

Föst står Leighton modell för Vera Wang och nu för Missoni det är bara att gratulera tjejen! :)

Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf’s impeccable sense of style has rubbed off on her real life doppelganger, the lovely Leighton Meester, who has just been named as the face of Italian fashion house Missoni. A close friend of Leighton, 24, exclusively tells In Touch, “Leighton is thrilled to be working with Missoni! She has such great style and has always loved their clothes.” Leighton’s clean, classic look will no doubt be the perfect complement for Missoni’s trademark knits and modern lines and now that she is back on the town as a single girl, her stylish Missoni outfits will no doubt lure a new man her way soon!


(bilden har inget med inlägget att göra)


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