Det sägas att Chuck och blair ska göra slut i säsongen!!  Jag såger bara neeeeeeeejjjj :(:(:( jag vill verkligen inte att dom ska göra slut. Om dom gör det så måste dom bli tillsammans igen. Det är lixom meningen att dom ska vara tillsammans!

Här hittade jag det!

Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are breaking up.

If you lurk on the right message boards, you’ve already heard this awful news, but I can tell you now that the rumors are true, confirmed and, well, killing me.

My sources at the CW aren’t even trying to make me feel better about this horrible twist. Insiders tell me, “It’s a bad, bad breakup.” Ugh!

Apparently, after almost a full season of near bliss between Upper East Side soul mates Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, when the happy romantic scenes are finally snatched away from us, the culprit will be Chuck.I’m told Chuck does “something horrible,” and that everyone is going hate him for it. (Oh, Charles, you were on your way to being the paterfamilias of Gossip Girl’s little gang, and now this! Betrayal and disappointment at every turn!)

Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) is also implicated in the end of Chair, but of course, we’d expect nothing less from the likes of that villain.

No word yet on how long this relationshipocalypse will last, but apparently it begins unfolding in either episode 17 (“Inglourious Bassterds”) or episode 18 (“The Unblairable Lightness of Being”), both of which are set to air in mid-April.

Source: E Online


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