Ed vill spela Batman!

Så här sa Ed i en snabb intervjuv för ett tag sedan:

"I would kill to be Batman, simple as that!" he says. We're totally on board with that. He's got the intensity for the role, and surely the cast would appreciate someone who didn't scream at them. So move over, Christian Bale.

Ed has a wide range of acting ambitions, from superheroes to serial killers. "I could play the new version of American Psycho. I love that movie, and I know every line from that movie," he said. Every line, huh? We're not sure if that's impressive or creepy. We're going to go with creepy. Go ahead and cast him as a murderous yuppie, he's clearly done his homework.

"My ambition is to do some great movies and work with some fantastic filmmakers like David Finch, Peter Jackson, and Jon Favreau," Ed says. "I'd love to be a super-villain after watching the first Iron Man." Heck, he's not that far from playing one now, if you count owning half of Manhattan as a superpower.

Nå skulle ni kunna se honom som en superhjälte eller som batman?? =)


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