Del 2 av fanfiction om Chuck och Blair :)

Här kommer del två av en fanfiction om Chuck och Blair :)

Här är del 1 om ni har missat den :)

Chuck Bass felt weird. He made an idiot from himself today in front of the women and it was the first time in his life. But he had never met someone like that. Sure he was surrounded by hot girls all his life but she was something else.

So when he saw her for the first time he just stood there with his mouth literally open looking at his new assistant in her white, reminding him of school one shirt with her brown hair curled and running down her back and this lips. She had the most perfect bloody red lips ever.

And now he felt something that was completely strange for him. He actually wanted to spend time with her. Get to know her better and surprisingly not only by one night sex. Sure he would still do her as he isn't Chuck Bass for no reason.

That's why he invited or rather forced her to go with him to Saturday's party. He would normally bring some 'better mannered' than his usual ones conquest and leave with two more.

But he thought this way he would have ideal occasion to sleep with his new obsession and in the same time get rid of it as he was sure it will be done the moment he will have her. With that thought he walked down to his limo and told his driver to take him to his new club so he could get a drink.

It was Friday and he found himself feeling excited at the thought of tomorrow evening. And he was even more when she walked in dressed with shorter than usual skirt that showed perfectly her amazing legs. He greeted her with his usual nod and unfortunately had to leave for board meeting.

This few days that passed they actually hadn't talk about anything other than work and he was hoping she didn't forget about their date. Well technically it wasn't really a date but whatever.

After the meeting ended he went back to his office but stopped before his hand touched the door handle when he heard someone talking inside. His brows furrowed as no one should be there without his permission, well no one but Blair but why would she talk to herself?

He moved his head closer and could make out that it really was her voice. She must talked to someone over the phone than. He silently pushed the door opening them a little and saw her sitting behind her desk with her back facing him.

'Yes baby I miss you too. I promise I'll see you at lunch in an hour. I have to go. Bye sweetie!' She ended and he quickly stepped back when she started to turn around.

He ran his hand through his hair, which was his habit when he was pissed and he was now. So she was with someone? Than why the hell she agreed to go with him? Ok so maybe she didn't exactly do it but he had asked her if she has a date! She could tell him she has a boyfriend! Or fiancée. Or husband. No she can't be married.

Not that it was ever the problem for him but for some reason he didn't want her to be with anyone else. What? Since when does he care? He doesn't. So what if she's with someone? He will still sleep with her tomorrow and get it all over with. And today he will follow her to this lunch and see this jerk. Maybe he should get rid of him too. Just to be safe.

He was even angrier one hour later when his secretary informed him of this really important meeting that absolutely couldn't wait. It turned out to be two hours spent in his account's office completely without a point for him and it made him miss her exit for lunch. Well he will just wait for tomorrow.

Blair grabbed her purse and quickly went out of the office and got into the elevator with a sigh. She was happy to get out of the room before her boss came back. Apart from the first day and this 'date' thing she was actually satisfied with her new job.

She and Chuck talked only about business and he wasn't so bad if not count his annoying comments and smirks he would give her from time to time. But today after he got back from his weekly, which she had found out from Amanda, board meeting he was really moody and snapped at her for nothing few times. She was glad to leave for her break and she had ten minutes to get to the restaurant where Serena was waiting at her.

She paid the cab driver and walked in just on time. At once she spotted a mess of dark brown hair next to long blonde one and quickly rushed in their direction. She was by the table in few seconds and the little boy was in her arms in the next. She hugged him tight and pulled back to look at him.

'Hi baby. Did you have fun with aunt Serena?' She asked looking in his brown eyes. Luckily for her he looked just like her only male version. She was happy about it after he was born as even thought she knew she would love him no matter what when she saw him for the first time, she didn't want to think about his father.

It was one big mistake to ever get involved with him but she loved her baby boy and wouldn't change anything that happened. Sure he had left the moment he found out that his high school girlfriend was pregnant but she knew they were both better without him now no matter how hard it was at the beginning.

Her mother had kicked her out when she refused to get an abortion but her dad paid for the place for her. She started the college and took only two weeks break to give a birth to little Christopher Waldorf and then took final exams.

She was afraid during the pregnancy as she hadn't got anyone to help her deal with it and she was only eighteen. Serena was away at Brown but still she was grateful for her help when she would come to New York because of her one call when she would have a break down. But the moment she had met his son she knew she would do anything for him.

So she had taken the next year off and continued school next fall leaving him with the nanny. Her heart broke each time but she knew she had to end school to get a good job and make sure he has everything he needs. She ended NYU this year and now worked in the most successful company in New York.

They now lived in the beautiful apartment on Manhattan and she was perfectly happy. She didn't want to give herself and Christopher any hopes so she removed feelings and mans from her life.

'I did mommy. We were in the park and I played with Bear!' He said sounding excited as he should be for his age. Bear was Serena's new puppy and he loved to play with him.

'That's awesome sweetie. Now let's sit down so we can order.' She said and hugged her best friend quickly.

'Hi S. Thanks for looking after him today. Jenny had to do something important and I couldn't take the day off on my first week.' They sat down and then a young waiter appeared. After he left with their order Serena took Blair's hand.

'It's fine B. You know I love my little godson.' She said messing up his hair with her hand. He glared at her and Blair and Serena laughed. He was like his mother trying to order everyone around even when he was twenty years younger than them.

Their food arrived and she told her best friend more about her new job and tomorrow's date.

'I can't go S! It's stupid, I don't go on dates.' She ended with a sigh.

'And that's exactly why you should go. Come on Blair! You have to loose a bit finally. You hadn't gone out with someone for five years! I'm sure you will have fun. Right Christopher? Tell mommy she should go while we will have our own fun watching the movies.' Her son looked up from his meal and smiled at her.

'You go mommy.' He said and she couldn't help but smile as he looked adorable with ketchup all over his mouth. She shook her head and wiped it off.

'Ok I'll go. It's not like I have a choice anyway. I'll get him ready to go at six tomorrow. Thanks again S and I'll pick him up in three hours. Bye!' She stood up and kissed his forehead before walking to the door. He waved and she sent him last smile.

She walked in the office second time this day and Chuck was nowhere to be seen. She was thinking if he had maybe forgot about their 'date', which wouldn't be that bad but she saw a note from him on her desk.

I won't be back today so leave the papers on my desk.

I'll pick you up at seven. Put on something sexy and shorter.


She threw it to the trash with anger. Who does he think he is to write her something like this? Well if he wants shorter he should find himself some whore though she was sure he has plenty of them. But she was Blair Waldorf and no one will tell her what to do.


Finns såklart en forsättning, lägger upp den ikväll eller i morgon !


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