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Blair was relieved when they finally arrived. She couldn't possibly relax in the limo when he was sitting opposite her watching her with his stupid smirk. She had felt as he was reading her mind and it wasn't in any way pleasant.


He infuriated her and there wasn't a moment she didn't want to strangle him with his stupid bowtie that annoyingly matched her dress. What does he think? That they are some lovely dovely couple?


Yeah, right like that would ever happen. Over her dead body she would be with someone like him.


They entered the ball room in one of his hotels and she felt everyone eyes on them. He was a CEO, obviously everyone watched him.


He took her hand and before she could pull it away he started walking towards the table in the left corner. She decided to just go with him and sat down when he pulled out the chair for her.


She looked at him when he didn't sit next to her. She raised her eyebrow asking him what's the matter.


'I'll go get us drinks.' He said winking at her and walking away.


She shook her head but a small smile showed on her face. She had never met anyone so arrogant but for some reason she caught herself thinking he was cute.


What the hell? Snap out of it Blair! He is heinous not adorable, hot and sexy as hell. Ohh God this champagne had to be stronger than she had thought. Maybe this Basshole mixed it with something since there is definitely something wrong with her.


She turned around and saw him on the other side of the room talking to some older man leaning against the bar. He ended the conversation shaking hands with the businessman and took their drinks from the bartender starting his way back to her.


She was glad as she had feared that he would leave her all alone and even thought he was a pain in the ass she didn't know anyone here so it was really a better option.


'Here you go.' He said handing her a martini and sitting down on the chair closest to her making her shift uncomfortable.


'Thanks.' She thanked him with a smile that surprisingly for her wasn't faked like her usual one for someone other than Christopher or her friends.


'You're welcome.' He replayed sipping his scotch. He really drank it a lot she noticed.


'So tell me something about you.' Chuck said placing his glass on the table.


'What?' She asked pulled out of her thoughts about his drinking habits.


'I want to know more about you. So tell me about your life. What does Blair Waldorf do after work?' He asked moving his hand on her knee. It sent shivers through her body but she pretended to not notice it instead of shaking it off.


'Nothing interesting.' She said with a shrug. 'I'm not really a party girl. Besides I wouldn't have time as all my time takes…' She stopped in the last moment with widened eyes.


She almost let it slip! She almost told him she had a child! It's not that she was ashamed of Christopher because he was her whole world but she knew Chuck would never look at her again if he knew. And for some reason she didn't want that.


She saw that he was looking at her curiously. What she didn't know was that he was thinking if she was going to tell him about her mysterious boyfriend or whoever he was and was interested why she stopped.


'Serena!' She spitted out quickly trying unsuccessfully to cover her mistake. 'She's my best friend! We are like sisters really, can't stand to be too long apart, you know… We watch the movies, go shopping and do all this girly things together!' She ended trying to look relaxed even though inside she was shaking with fear.


'I hope I could join you some time.' He said deciding to ignore her slip and took one of her chocolate curls in his hand. She just rolled her eyes and swatted it away.


'Do you live alone?' He asked angry at his inability to stop himself but he really wanted to know if he has some serious competition.


He looked at his scotch thinking it has to be something wrong with it since he never before thought about getting rid of the woman partner before doing something with her.


Fuck, he was using 'doing something' now instead of fucking. Maybe he is sick. Yeah, that's probably it. There was something wrong with this steak he had earlier for lunch for sure.


'I…' She started thinking fast about her answer. What she should tell him? It was getting more difficult with each second. 'Yeah. I have apartment near Bass Industries. And what about you?' She asked to move the conversation from her to him. 'What is the great CEO doing in his free time?'


'Well first I'm delighted you think I'm great.' He said smugly moving his hand further up her leg. 'And to answer your question, I actually like to go out when I'm free though it doesn't happen often how you probably noticed.'


'I thought you would.' She murmured under her breath.


'You were saying something?' He asked smirking.


'Just that I thought you would like to party from what I heard.' She told him finally shaking his hand off of her leg when he tried to pull up her dress.


'You shouldn't always listen to what the others are saying.' He said putting his arm around her back on her chair instead.


'Really?' She asked showing him her own smirk that could almost rival his.


'Really.' He repeated kissing her cheek lightly.


They spent rest of the evening talking more about their interests, avoiding the topic about private life though Chuck was dying to find out what she was hiding.


He decided to let it go for now since he didn't want to scare her off when she seemed to open up a bit. He was relieved she cut off her bitch act a little though it was hot as hell if he was to say so.


Later he had to leave her for a little while to talk with his investors as it was one of the reasons for these parties. He walked away with a promise to be back soon.


As she watched him go into his businessman mode when he was with his co-workers she realized that she actually had a good time this evening. She really didn't want to go but under his ass cover Chuck turned out to be great guy to talk with and well he WAS incredible handsome.


She talked with some older wives, who were eager to find out if she was young Bass first girlfriend as she didn't look like his usual 'dates' for this events. She dismissed them with a 'we're just working together' smiling sweetly.


She let out a relieved sigh when he rescued her from their annoying company appearing behind her. He put his arm around her waist and smiled charmingly.


'If you could excuse us ladies. I have to kidnap my date for a minute.' The women smiled charmed.


'Of course Charles. It was nice to meet you Blair.' Blair nodded with a polite smile and they quickly walked off.


'Thank God. I though they were going to bore me to the death.' She moaned putting her hand on her forehead.


'I'm happy I could help.' He chuckled and helped her put her coat on. When they were dressed he held the door open for her and walked out after her.


They rode back in the silence but this time it was comfortable. She felt great for the first time in very long, having fun night.


They parked outside her building and after the driver opened the door he helped her got out. She stood next to him feeling like she had after her first date in High School, having no idea what to do.


Should she invite him up? Christopher was at Serena's and he was spending the night there. Nate sent her a message that he was asleep and there was no point for her to drive there to pick him up at night when she could do it in the morning and she agreed.


Before she could decide what to do, he moved closer to her and she couldn't explain later how it happened but a second later her lips were pressed to his. She put her arms around his neck and he brought her closer circling her waist.


She could kiss him forever as he tasted amazing and it WAS months since she kissed someone. Still it was different than any kiss she ever shared and she was actually disappointment when he pulled away.


He took his arms from her waist and looked her in the eyes; she saw there something else besides his usual smugness. Before she could think more about it he spoke.


'I had great time tonight. Goodnight Blair.' He said and kissed her cheek softly before getting in the limo and disappearing a moment later.


She stood there for few seconds holding her palm to her cheek before going up with a smile.

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