En bra fanfiction om Chuck och Blair :)

Läs den är jätte bra :) om ni gillar denhär delen så kan jag posta dom andra delarna oxå :)

Novellen heter You make me feel funny

Innan ni läser
* Den är helt på hittade
* Jag har inte gjort den
* I början känner dom inte varandra.

Del 1

Blair Waldorf woke up to the annoying sound of the alarm in her phone. She laid in the bed for few seconds before getting up with a sigh. She was really tried after staying up late last night and having to get up early for her job on the Monday morning.

But she was happy she actually got it as she was looking for one for two weeks until yesterday's call. It was really luckily that her best friend's boyfriend's best friend, or something like that, was looking for an assistant.

It wasn't her dream job but it will have to do for now as she really needed it after she lost her previous month ago. She wasn't going to let her old disgusting boss grope her when he feels like it and she had told him this. And she had become jobless.

She didn't have the courage to ask her mother for help as she hadn't talked with her for the last four years. Well it was almost five when she thinks about it. But she was now twenty three and she was fine on her own.

She quickly took a shower and got dressed in brown almost covering her knees skirt and white shirt. Blair got her make up and hair done with her usual 'official' style for work and important meetings. She always looked flawless during them. Well on any other occasion too if you think about it.

She heard a ring and opened the door. She let in Jenny, who helped her for three years now, saying she will call later while putting on her black heels and walked out after she grabbed her purse.

Jenny Humphrey was two years younger than her and was taking late classes as she needed this job to pay for her flat since her parents moved to Canada and she didn't have any other family. She wanted to become a fashion designer and Blair loved her work so she often asked her for the dresses for the parties she would go with Serena to.

She looked at her watch and after deciding she won't be able to make it on time walking she took a cab. She had five minutes left when the car stopped in front of the building so she paid quickly and rushed in. Last thing she wanted on her first day was being late. Luckily she exited the elevator just in time and was told by her new boss's secretary to wait inside.

She walked in the office looking around. It sure looked like it belonged to the men with good taste but not really a life outside the work as she didn't spot any photos or personal stuff. She guessed he doesn't really have time for it as Serena had told her he started running the company at eighteen just after graduation.

She heard the door opening and stood up quickly. He definitely is handsome was her first thought and she told herself to snap out of it fast. Still she couldn't deny the fact that he was gorgeous with his dark cut short hair and looked surprisingly good in the purples shirt and black suit which she would find ridiculous on anyone else. He was looking down at some papers and hadn't spotted her yet so she cleared her throat quietly to get his attention.

He must heard her as he finally looked up and stood still with opened mouth for a few seconds, which made her want to giggle like she hadn't done since high school as he looked adorable and hilarious at the same time, before he seemed to wake up and walked to her quickly.

'Chuck Bass.' He introduced himself and extended his hand to her. She took it with a small smile.

'Blair Waldorf.' She replayed when he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it looking at her with a smirk, making her blush.

Really, what is the matter with me she thought. She hadn't acted this way ever. She was known from her 'coldness' towards strangers before she decided if she liked them.

He let go of her hand and motioned toward the seat which she took with a 'Thanks'. He then sat in his chair and looked at her showing her his brown eyes, even darker than her own. He had a look that was starting to make her feel uncomfortable because of its intensity.

'I know. You're my new assistant as I heard though Nathaniel hadn't mentioned it's someone so beautiful.' He smirked at her. She gulped and bit her lip when inside she wanted to hit herself with something. Since when some guy with lame texts has any effect on her. She just doesn't do love or even sex since this jerk five years ago.

'Well so where should I start?' She asked. Straight to the point, she really couldn't let herself get involved with any man no matter how sexy he was. She managed it for five years so she surely wouldn't break now.

Besides she heard from Serena that he was a womanizer, who actually never had a girlfriend and it was obvious she wasn't some whore no matter what her mother thinks. She shuddered at thought about Eleanor.

'Amanda, my secretary will show you around and then you can start on the papers I left on your desk.' He motioned on the place in the corner with small desk and the chair. 'It doesn't look too good but it was just brought in this morning when Nathaniel called me. I'll have it replaced by tomorrow. You will also make the calls and invite everybody from the list I will give you to the party on Saturday. That's it for now. I have a meeting but I can't wait to see you later.' He ended with a wink and walked out.

She huffed and he must caught it as she heard him chuckle before he disappeared in the elevator.

After the tour around the office with Amanda, who was a nice older woman not the kind of secretary she would expect from Chuck Bass after what she heard and saw, she quickly started her work.

She ended NYU a year later then her friends as she had to take a year off after the first one and because of that was now simple assistant instead of young lawyer at her dad's office. He offered her the job but she would have to move to France and she really didn't want to leave as her whole life was here. She didn't regret it though as she had a really good reason to stay and not give all of herself to the much demanding job like the one at her father's.

She made quick call to Jenny for a check up and after she made sure everything's ok she got back to the documents not being able to stop thinking about her new annoying boss. She shook her head at how girlish she acted and decided right there to keep their relations strictly professional.

Just then the devil walked in again, arguing with someone over the phone. He didn't even look at her and seemed really pissed.

'Which part in 'it has to be free on Saturday' didn't you understand when I had talked with you last week?' He asked not yelling yet but she could guess he was close. 'Just do it and I want it done by four or come take your things from the office.' He ended hanging up. He then shoved his phone on his desk and turned to her, his expression softening a bit.

'I hope you don't have a date for Saturday. I can't possibly go alone and I don't want to look for someone as I'm busy this week so it will be great opportunity to get to know each other better. We are going to work together for a long time after all.' He said looking at her and she panicked as going together to the party definitely wasn't strictly professional. It wasn't professional in any way. Fast Blair, think about something, she snapped at herself inside.

'No, but I don't think I can go. I mean I have plans. They were... done long time ago and I can't possibly delete it now.' She replayed quickly hoping he will buy it. He raised his eyebrows and smirked. God, how she already hated this smirk of his. She would gladly wipe it off of his face if he was anyone else.

'Well move it. I'll pick you up at seven.' He said it like it was obvious she should do it and sat at his desk. She watched him working for a moment before going back to her with a sigh. Sure she couldn't refuse her boss on her first day if she wanted to keep her job, which she really did.

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Jag älskar den fanfiction. Dock har jag läst det som redan finns. Men det skulle vara ändå bra om du lägger upp den, så jag kan fortsätta läsa :D

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