Intervjuv med Ed Westwick från Now Magazine UK

Har kommit ut en jätte rolig intervjuv med Ed tycker jag =) han verkar som en sån skön snubbe :P


The Gossip Giel Hunk on full-frontals,spying on Prince Harry and kissing girls with stubble.

Ed Westwick's our very own Brit heartthrob who's setting pulses raceing on cult TV show Gossip Girl. And he isn't just handsome, bur funny too. Thankfully the brooding 22-years-old actor hasn't forgotten his roots-or his accent, whick is still distinctly British-and Ed still enjoys hanging out in London's vibrant Soho when he's not shooting the addictive Tv series. "I love England" he grins. "I miss it incredibly and you just can't get a proper jan sandwich in the US"
When NOW meets Ed- who plays the minted Chuck Bass on the show- to put your questions to him, it isn't long before he has us in hysterics with his amusing tales...

How do you feel about Chuck and Blair’s relationship?
– “I think they’re meant to be together; they’re just as bad as each other! It’s pretty self-destructive at times, but they thrive on it and whatever you have to do to get your kicks…At the end of the day it comes down to living on the edge or not living at all.”

What was it like kissing a boy during the last series?
– “Fine. there was no stubble as he was pretty clean-shaven. I’ve kissed women who’ve had more stubble than that.”

If you and Penn Badgley had an arm wrestle, who’d win?
– “Probably Penn because he’s been working out loads and he’s got pretty big. I’ve got weak shoulders, it’s weird! They used to dislocate all the time.”

Have you ever stolen anything from Chuck’s wardrobe?
– “They gave me a suit once, but I’ve never stolen anything. Maybe underwear because I show up without it and have to put it on. I don’t usually wear underwear. It’s more comfortable and free to air it all out.”

When you’re working crazy hour, which do you prefer: sleep or sex?
– “Sleep or sex? Sex, man. Straight up. Sex, then sleep. I’ve got a great appetite for… um, everything.”

Are we going to see you topless?
– “Yeah, why not? And, you know, I’m not even scared of full-frontal nudity.”

Are you a gym junkie?
– “I definitely work out, but mainly just to make me feel good. You feel good after you exercise; it’s more of a stress reliever than anything else.”

How do you define romance?
– “Butterflies and surprises. Romance is about keeping the surprise and butterflies represent, setting something up for someone. And passion.”

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
– “I’ve done a couple things. I’ve written a little three-word description on a card. That’s a bit shit. I covered a hotel in really expensive roses and Dom Perignon and Cristal. Yeah, things like that. I like little gestures like that.”

What quality do you like most about your girlfriend Jessica Szohr?
– “I don’t really want to get into that, but she’s gorgeous. It’s all good, man.”

Snog, marry, or avoid: Kristen Stewart, Cheryl Cole, Lily Allen.
– “I’d snog Kristen and marry Cheryl Cole. Is the last one shagging? No? Then I’d snog Lily Allen. I can’t avoid woman – not those three, anyway.”

If you could spy on another celebrity for a day, who would it be?
– “I think I’d probably spy on Prince Harry, he’s a pretty cool guy. I’d like to know what kind of things he gets up to.”

Robert Pattinson hysteria is crazy. Would you want that level of fame?
– “I’ve already experienced girls screaming my name, so I wouldn’t say it’s too alien, but I think Rob’s in a very difficult situation. He’s a friend and he’s a good guy. I know him, so I know for a fact that he wants to be known for his work.”

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
– “I’d jump out of a plane. I’m not afraid of heights, I just don’t get it. I guess I’m going to die anyway.”


OBS Ed har sagt så här förra veckan på ett event om hans förhållande med Jessica Szohr:

"It’s a bit of a sore point and we’re not together anymore."
Så troligen är dom inte tillsammans längre.

Postat av: Karolina

Har inte Jessica och Ed gjort slut på grund av att Jessica har varit otrogen???

Snälla svara!!!

2010-05-30 @ 19:38:37

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