Ed: Seduce me with a pint

Liten artikel/intervjuv med Ed om tjejer :P

Ed Westwick has teased the best way to romance him is with a “pint of lager” and “fish and chips”.

The handsome British actor is best known for playing arrogant rich teenager Chuck Bass on American television show Gossip Girl. He was famously in an on-off relationship with his co-star Jessica Szohr, but the pair recently split up again.

Ed says he is easily pleased when it comes to women, and joked that a large glass of lager and some traditional greasy British takeaway food would be enough to make him fall for a girl.

“Seduce me? A pint of Stella and a bag of fish and chips please,” laughed the star when more! magazine asked how he likes to be seduced.

The hunk was quick to point out he was only joking, saying he doesn’t in fact look for anything particular in a lady’s seduction methods. He does like girls to be themselves though.

“Nah, I don’t really know the best way. Just be cool and be original,” he added.

The actor says he truly knows he’s fallen for a girl when he stops eying up potential sexual partners. Ed thinks love is very difficult to define, but he knows it is a feeling he’s experienced before.

“It’s just that feeling, and it’s so hard to describe. It’s when you give a f**k. You care what they think and how they feel. And then when you’re not looking at anyone else, that’s when you know she’s The One,” he gushed.




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