Gossip girl updatet: SPOTTED

Dom har kommit på en ny rolig sak på gossip girl bloggen en ska som kallas SPOTTED. Det här den senaste spotted som har kommit ut :)

Spotted: B with her minions at the Columbia library.  They were doing major research.  School work or extracurricular?  S buying lots of clothes at Barney’s.  No man, no problem!  She might not have a boyfriend but she has a credit card.  Retail therapy, much?  D and V at Veselka like old times.  The couple that eats pierogies together stays together.  C riding up 5th Avenue in his limo.  No idea where he was going.  Hmm.  And finally, and new girlfriend Juliet dining at Dovetail.  They were holding hands over candlelight.  Don’t know whether to aw or to barf.  Thoughts?


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