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Choose Sides

October 19th, 2010

One week down and the war between Blair and Chuck still doesn’t have a victor. The 6 Day War this is not. Instead, I have a feeling these two will be duking it out for quite some time.  Though it seems as if they’ve taken a few days off, with both seeking refuge in their respective safe zones (for Blair the East Side above 65th Street, for Chuck his hotel).  Surely, fighting will resume shortly.  I’m guessing the two sides are just gathering their ammunition and preparing themselves for combat.  You can count on B & C to be battling until a clear winner is named.  And don’t even think that either will surrender.  I mean look who we’re dealing with here.  These two are each going for the gold.  No matter what.  Which begs the ultimate question: whose team are you on?


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