Look Magazine intervjuv med Ed

Ed gjorde en intervjuv med tidningen Look när han var i london och spelade in kortfilmen The Commuter :)


Ed Westwick can barely believe his luck. After small roles in Brit shows Casualty and Doctors, the Hertforshire-born actor landed the role of ladies’ man Chuck Bass in the his US series Gossip Girl.

These days when he’s not on the set in New York, Ed, 23, is rubbing A-list shoulders at glam parties on both sides of the Atlantic. But does he miss home, has he ever been in love and what’s really going on with him and his on/off girlfriend, co-star Jessica Szohr? Look dropped into Ed’s swanky penthouse suite at London’s Mayfair Hotel to get the lowdown.

Like so many actors, you left the UK for LA – but unlike many, landed your dream role. Do you feel super-lucky?

“Absolutely. I pinch myself every day and that’s a good thing  – it keeps me hungry. At times there are things I don’t like about it, but I’m having a great ride in America and relishing it.”

Was it easy to settle into American life?

“At first I was “wow!”, but now that I’ve settled down I miss Britain a bit more – especially watching football with me friends.”

Is there as much bitching on the Gossip Girl set as we imagine?

“No. We’re just a group of young people who got thrown into this thing together. I think people are just looking for things to say.”

You were spotted kissing your ex, Jessica Szohr, recently. Are you back together?

“I don’t want to talk about Jessica. Next question.”

Would you ever date someone you worked with again?

“I never say never to anything.”

Have you always been a hit with the ladies?

“I was a 24/7 stud. It came effortlessly, girls were dripping off me. No, not at all. I’m joking! I was jealous of one of my friends at school because he was always dating the older, good-looking girls That never happened to me.”

Well, your character Chuck is a real womaniser – are you in any way the same?

“He puts it about and I’d like to think I’m a little more sensitive than that. As soon as girls talk to m e for a while they realize we’re very different.”

Do you prefer British or American girls?

“Er, I’ll say Brazilian girls! How do American girls differ from British ones? Their approach is different. British girls soldier on, while US girls freak out and need everything to be perfect.”

You once said you’ve only been in love once. Who with?

“My mum. There’s only one woman in my life. Am I a mummy’s boy? Absolutely. I love her.”

What girls do you go for?

“Those who can hold a conversation – and a pretty face doesn’t hurt. But I don’t have a type. I’ve been attracted to girls and it’s not been about looks. You get that connection and sometimes it’s totally involuntary.”

Who’s your ideal woman?

“I’ve never met Scarlett Johansson, but I think she’s great.”


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