Senaste från Kristin

Vår spoiler drottning Kristin har svarat på en fråga om Gossip girl igen! yeay :D SPOILER om ni inte vill veta något!

Ryan in New York: Gossip Girl, please! What is up with Chuck and Blair? And when will we know why Juliet is tormenting Serena?
So much hate to spew, so little time...Chuck and Blair are all about hate sex for the next little while. Lots of hate sex, so put the kiddies to bed, y'all! As for Juliet, we'll learn that her brother is connected to Serena's past (like, past, as in before we even met her on the show). He got thoroughly screwed over by Team Van Der Woodsen (that's my understanding anyway), and Juliet is helping her brother seek revenge.


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