Bild på Leighton för kampanj BVLGARI

Vackra Leighton för en kampanj som heter BVLGARI!

Såhär strår det på Holas hemsida om kampanjen:

One ring to rule them all … and another to bring the film’s most beautiful faces. BVLGARI The new proposal moves away from the alliance traditional, nor is the protagonist of a fantasy book series, the latest project of the luxury Italian jewelry house, designed in silver inlay and a tiny ceramic interior, is made from hand to hand with the humanitarian organization Save the Children, and aims to raise, from October, more than 6 million euros ‘committed’ to improve the quality of education for the world’s neediest children.

And to underscore the importance of the cause, no less than some of the best known faces of the film, which have been subject to the orders of renowned photographer Fabrizio Ferri to donate their image as solidarity campaign, celebrities like the Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, the eternal Italian beauty Isabella Rossellini, the only Spanish or project, the actress Maribel Verdu, who have not hesitated to ‘give away’ his face BVLGARI, all in black, wearing the new ring on their hands against a background of intense color red, and each reflecting their unique personality, captured by the camera.

BVLGARI help draft well, and during 2010 and throughout 2011, key programs for training teachers in the world, as well as important program Healing and Education Through Art (HEART), which focuses on education and therapy for children through art, and helps those who can not find the words to explain what has happened to express themselves creatively.

Om ni tittar noggrant ser ni nog att Leighon bär ringen på sitt pekfinger.


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