Leighton meester om the roommate och drömslut för gossip girl!

Texten är helt tagen från Digital Spy! :)

Leighton Meester has revealed her dream storyline on Gossip Girl.

Speaking to Digital Spy while promoting her movie The Roommate, Meester explained that the show is currently focusing on the dynamic between Blair and Dan (Penn Badgley).

“I think, stuff that’s happening right now, we’re dealing with the friendship and relationship of Dan and Blair and seeing where that goes,” she said. “Seeing what happens with Chuck and Blair.”

When asked what her ultimate storyline would be, Meester replied: “Probably that she ends up with Chuck. And that she discovers he’s a prince! That would be pretty cool.”

Badgley recently revealed that he has enjoyed working with Meester in the scenes between Dan and Blair.


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