Mer spoilers om Chuck och Blair!!

EW har svarat på fler spoiler frågor om Chuck och Blair! Läs inte om ni inte vill bli spoilade! ^^

Thanks for the #gossipgirl #chuckandblair scoop. Any more hints? Will Chuck fight for Blair? Will Chuck and Dan fight it out? — @carlybb
When you say “fight” do you mean literally? If so, then no. Actually, if you’re a Chuck and Blair fan who is hating on the Hump, prepare for your hate to diminish a bit after the first episode back (airing April 18).


Can you please tell us anything about the Gossip Girl triangle that will most likely be Chuck/Blair/Prince? We Chair fans would appreciate it. #savechuckandblair – Melissa
Sorry, my dear Chair fan, trust me when I say you won’t be excited to see the Prince. Something happens just before his arrival that will make you want to shove him back in the limo and send him home.


Hello! I’m from Slovakia and we watch Gossip Girl there, too! Thank you so much for last CB spoiler! It was amazing of you! I have one question that I would love you to answer! Are writers done with torturing Chuck? Will he be redeemed this season? — Magdalena
Of course they’re not done torturing Chuck! Let’s be honest, it’s fun to see him squirm a little. “I would say that Chuck will continue to grapple in these last five episodes with Bass Industries and all the secrets that he is learning,” exec producer Josh Safran tells EW. “Blair has always been the one place that he can go to talk about those issues — as witnessed by the end of the last episode that aired, where he is like, ‘I need to talk to Blair.’” Translation: Blair will be there to break the fall. We hope literally. Sorry, that was my bad attempt at a nasty joke. I won’t try that again.



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