Spoiler för sista avsnittet!

Ew har lite kort intervjuvat Josh och Stephenie om Gossip girl finalen för säsong 4 och pratar om bilden med Blair och Chuck när de sitter på två stolar i luften som jag visade igår! :)


If you haven’t picked up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, may I suggest you do it post-haste, Gossip fans? Seriously. EW has an exclusive First Look at the Gossip Girl finale, and once you see this photo, you’ll want the full story, which is…

We knew the final episode of this insane season would be momentous, but this two-parter (airing May 9 and 16) promises not only multiple cliffhangers, multiple parties, and a love square that has more than stirred up Gossip land in recent weeks, but there’s also a sweet moment, seemingly crafted especially for the Chair fan in my heart. Executive producer Stephanie Savage explains:

“We want to be a little mysterious. We love the idea, first and foremost, that it’s Chair, in chairs,” she says of the sneak peek.

Fellow exec producer Josh Safran adds: “It could be a wedding. It could be a bris, if you see yarmulkes in the photo. It could be someone’s bat mitzvah, maybe Eleanor’s, because she’s converting to Judaism.” Joking aside, “It’s on the Internet already that Blair is going to get engaged in the last several episodes. So this may or may not have something to do with that.”

But what about the seemingly happy place Blair and Chuck seem to be in? It’s been a long time coming, they say. “We’re setting up this story where Blair has always been in search of her fairy tale,” Savage says. “So the end of this season, Blair’s story is very much about, What is that fairy tale? Is that fairy tale being with her first great love, Chuck Bass? Is that fairy tale being with Prince Louis, who people know is coming back to the show? Or is that fairy tale being with the dark horse in the race, Brooklynite Dan Humphrey, who we’ve seen recently she has so much in common with?”

“We try to build everyone’s story so they can all collide into each other, and I just feel like what you can expect is the fun of watching how the stories intersect, and what happens when you do,” Safran adds.

I don’t know how much more of all this drama I can take. Wait, yes I do. A LOT MORE.


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