Gossip girl spoiler

Kristin har svarat på två spoiler frågor om gossip girl och om blair och chuck! :)

@jazy736 Scoop on Chuck/Blair pls! If this is not possible, anything on Chuck & why he’s all bruised up would do. Thanks!
You’ll be happy to know I’m told that the photo above is nothing of the supernatural nature, thank you very much. Chuck is in “big trouble,” but something positive does come out of Chuck’s brawl. As for Chuck and Blair, gee, I don’t know, does anyone really want to know about those two anymore? Oh, right. Given that there are a gazillion @replies on my Twitter asking for Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) info, I’m gonna go with a Yes, you guys tooootally do care! I can tell you that Louis (Hugo Becker) is still very concerned about how Blair feels about Chuck—he will always worry, and that will be a problem—but they are definitely still planning their wedding at the beginning of the new season. Maybe she’ll pull a “Rachel” at the altar? Friends fans, please explain to the younger set what pulling a “Rachel” means.

@awkwardhobos: Do you have any spoilers on the pregnancy test that was seen at the end of Gossip Girl?
Someone is definitely pregnant. And it is too juicy to spill. (Sorry! But I personally like my noggin’ attached to my neck because I’m all fancy and high-maintenance like that.)


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