Ed intervjuv från idag!

Här är en intervjuv som Ed gjorde med Itv idag! :)

The Brit heart throb and Gossip Girl star joins Lorraine to talk about his new movie Chalet Girl which is out next month, and then stops by the itv.com/lorraien team to answer your questions

Natalie Beeley: Chuck Bass gets to wear some pretty 'unique' suits on GG, eccentric gent comes to mind, does he actually like them?

EW: They’re super comfy suits and they all get tailored exactly to fit me. The outfits are extraordinary and the budget for the wardrobe on that show must be horrendous.

DB: Is it a super-cool, famous NY tailor?

EW: The tailor’s in-house and we get a fitting each week for each episode. But it all takes the glamour out of wearing suits outside the show. Whenever I go to an event that’s appropriate to go to in a suit, it takes the fun out of it! I wear them day in day out in the show – it’s a ironic as I dresss in business-formal for the job as an actor.

DB:  It’s a bit like girls wearing too much make-up for the office – you don’t feel dressed up for a night out as there’s no transition.

EW: Exactly the same thing! But at least you’re ready to go out straight from the office!

Emma in Sheffield: Are you too busy for jamming sessions with your band? Do you miss it?

EW: I jam on my own or sometimes with my friends but the band are in London and I’m in America, which presents a bit of a problem!

Diana in Stokesly: Can you give us a few tasters from brand new Gossip Girl? Can’t wait!

Ah man, you guys have had a little break, haven’t you? Well, I develop a new arch nemesis called Russell Thorp, who’s a businessman from Chicago. He was an ex business partner with my character’s dad – Bart bass – from the younger days. Obviously things aren’t as they seem and he has a daughter who I fall for.

DB: It would be quite nice for people to see Chuck in love again! We like his softer side!

EW: I think everyone wants to see Chuck to get back with Blair – his true love. And whilst all this is going on Blair sees that this it all perhaps looking a little too serious and perhaps gets a little hurt.

I’ve been so pleased with the last few scripts. I feel they’ve got their arse into gear a little bit more.

George: Where are your family based – NY or London? How do you split your time? You must miss your folks!

EW: They’re all here and it’s kinda tough but they get over to see me as much as they can. This past year I’ve had quite a few reasons to be coming back over here. They’re all close by so I can see them all quite easily.

DB: On to Chalet Girl – it must feel pretty nice to be a part of a film that actually makes people feel good afterwards?

EW: I’m so pleased people are feeling that way about it. It’s a really feel good film. It’s so nice to smile after a film and walk out with that buzz. I had such a good time filming it, and everyone involved was so much fun and pleasurable to work with.

Teresa in Sheffield: Do you love skiing?

EW: I absolutely love it and I started skiing when I was 11. We used to do a trip every spring – we’d take these 24-hour coach rides to the Alps, misbehave and eat too many sweets!

Ruth in Chesterfield: Were you tempted to shack up in a chalet in Austria and stay there after you’d finished filming Chalet Girl?

EW: Yes! It was so nice! The resort, St Anton, was pretty nuts! Totally packed with raging Euro drunks, which was great! We were so busy shooting both day and night so we couldn’t really take part, unfortunately! But I’ll just have to go back!

DB: Is Austria your favourite place ski?

EW: Actually, my favourite place is Whistler in Vancouver. It’s on another level! It’s ridiculously Americano , with Pizza Huts and Blockbuster video on the top of mountains, but it’s amazing! Especially the après ski!



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