Ed pratar Chuck Bass och J. Edgar

Intervjuv med Ed om Chuck Bass och J. Edgar! :)

(Bild från London igår)

The British-born actor decided to leave his friends and family behind and move to the US to try to make it as an actor when he was in his late teens. Not long after he relocated the star secured an audition to try out for the part of scheming Chuck Bass in the popular television show.

Ed loves playing the character, but has joked it was a gamble for him to decide to leave the UK.

“How did I get the part? I sold my soul to the devil and went to Los Angeles!” he laughingly claimed during an interview for British television show Lorraine. “No, I went to LA a few years ago and Gossip Girl was one of the shows being put together around that time and like anyone who rolls the dice, I rolled the dice and I got the part.

“To play Chuck Bass has been a great time, it has been nearly four years and I’ve had a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

The 23-year-old star has no regrets about moving Stateside and has settled into his life in Los Angeles. Ed has managed to deliver such a convincing American accent for the television show that many of his fans can’t believe he is from the UK. He finds this flattering because it means he is doing a convincing job in his portrayal of Chuck.

“I actually auditioned in both an American and English accent because they weren’t sure how they wanted the character to be at that point,” he revealed. “In the end I was able to pull off the American accent. When I meet people on the street they are always surprised by how I really speak.”

Ed is currently busy shooting new episodes for Gossip Girl and is promoting his movie Chalet Girl. He also revealed he will appear in a new movie directed by Clint Eastwood and he can’t wait to team up with the Hollywood legend.

“I am going to be working with Clint Eastwood, he is doing a biopic of J. Edgar Hoover with Leonardo DiCaprio and I have a part in that. So I am looking forward to it,” he explained. “It’s always good to work with a director who can relate to an actor and vice versa and he is a legend and exceptionally gifted actor and director. It’s all happening, a great start to 2011.”


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