Ed Westwick: Television's Most-Loved 'Bad Boy

Ny intervjuv med Ed från när han var i Fïlippinerna och nya bilder från PENSHOPPE fotograferingen! :)

On the small screen, Ed Westwick is the “bad boy” in the hit US teen drama Gossip Girl which is based on the popular book series about privileged teenagers who attend an elite private school in New York City. Westwick’s character Chuck Bass is described as “an overly confident and sexy bad boy” who plays around with women.

In real life, Westwick is the opposite of his screen alter-ego. At a suite in the Manila Peninsula where the following Conversation was conducted, Westwick was “confident and sexy,” all right, but he was hardly a “bad boy.” The pre-interview reminder was not to ask him certain questions (such as if he’s “single and available;” according to a report, he dated Gossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr from late 2008 and split from her in May last year, saying, “Girlfriends are too much of a headache”) but Westwick turned out to be “game,” answering all the other questions with a smile and a sparkle in his light-blue eyes that stayed focused on you. He was Mr. Nice all throughout, all the way, and he even agreed to pose for a souvenir photo with the interviewer.

Turning 24 on June 27, Westwick was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, and had an early training at the National Youth Theater in London where he used to live. He has since uprooted himself and moved to New York where Gossip Girl is shot. He began his career in British television before going to Hollywood.

Although he has been in other shows (Californication, as a bully and surrogate father figure to his devoted younger brother, etc.) and a few movies (100 Feet, Chalet Girl, etc.), it’s Gossip Girl with which he has been identified. Last March, he began shooting J. Edgar, a biographical film directed by Clint Eastwood in which Westwick plays Agent Smith (Hoover’s biographer), with Leonardo DiCaprio among his co-stars.

During this Conversation, Westwick looked dapper in his Penshoppe get-up. Yes, it was Penshoppe that brought Westwick here as its 25th-anniversary endorser. The deal was closed by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide. Westwick arrived last Tuesday night (May 31) and left Thursday night (June 2). It was a hectic but fruitful 48 hours for Westwick in the Philippines mainly to shoot for Penshoppe with Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste.

“Westwick perfectly embodies Penshoppe,” said Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe brand director.

The visit was much too short.

“I hope to come back,” said Westwick, “soon!”

How did you feel waking up halfway around the world from your home (New York)?


“It was a long trip but I felt great looking out of the window of my hotel room and saw the beautiful sunshine. I also saw green trees. The whole city looked great on my first morning here. Fantastic!”

How was your shoot for Penshoppe?


“Just as great! So far, so good. Everybody from Penshoppe and the Peninsula Hotel took good care of me. We started working at about 11 a.m. (on Wednesday) and finished at around 4 p.m. We shot at the swimming pool, at the bar and at other parts of the hotel. I was very happy with the result. I’d love to work with the same team again.”

What was your first reaction when the offer came to you as Penshoppe endorser?


“Well, I was excited because the brand comes from an area of the world where the fashion is something I don’t know much about. So, I’m getting to know the Penshoppe brand which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It’s a great thing to come down here and get to know Philippine fashion and everybody involved in the project.”

How would you compare Philippine fashion to those in other parts of the world that you’ve visited?


“What’s interesting is that what they’re doing at Penshoppe is something new and I like it, especially the shirts.”

You look great in the Penshoppe that you’re wearing now.


“Thank you very much. I really, really like the jacket I’m wearing now.”

It’s your first time to wear a Philippine-made product, isn’t it?


“Yeah. Absolutely!”

You look very comfortable in it.



“I feel very, very comfortable. I look good on it, don’t I?”

Of course, you’re wearing Penshoppe on Gossip Girl.


“Definitely! That’s why I need more outfits so I need to come back.”

Speaking of Gossip Girl, what do you think makes the series so popular around the world?


“Oh, an interesting question! You can look at it from many angles. You know, I think the storylines are entertaining in every aspect, the role-acting is witty, the characters are well-developed and we shoot in the most attractive part of the world that is New York City. You know, all of these things together really make it quite accessible to everyone around the world. It’s not just about these wealthy people…It’s about families, it’s about love, it’s about relationships. The series revolves around subjects that anyone in any part of the world can easily identify with. That makes a great piece of television.”

You are probably the most well-loved “bad guy” around the world. How do you feel about it?

“Ahhhhh, pretty good! I feel good about the impact. I have a great time playing my character and I really enjoy it, so it’s good to know that people like your work, you know.”

Do you by any chance see even a bit of yourself in Chuck Bass?

“Hmmmm, I’m a red-blooded male.” (Laughs!) “Chuck Bass and I are completely different from each other. I find him a very interesting character to play and explore. You know, just being part of the show is very exciting.”

What do you find exciting about playing Chuck Bass?


“Well, you know, what can I not find exciting about Chuck Bass? He’s dressed in extravagant clothes, has this great sense of fashion, drives around in a limousine and gets to chase a lot of women around. So it’s a great thing being Chuck Bass. What a life!”

Of course, in real life it happens that women are chasing you around. How do you deal with it?

“Hahahaha! Oh, you take it in stride; you have to. It’s been very interesting. You know, the world is full of love and getting all this attention is a great experience.”

Have you learned how to get used to all the fuss about you?


“I don’t think you can ever learned how to be used to it. It’s just something you have to accept as part of your work. Wherever I am, whether in Australia, in the Philippines or in England, I’m always welcomed nicely and it’s a good thing.”

How has Gossip Girl changed your life?


“Radically, indeed! People everywhere know who you are and suddenly it’s a very different existence. I used to live in England and now I live in New York, and it’s adapting to a different culture and getting to know an entirely different kind of people.”

You mentioned in an earlier interview that it’s possible for Gossip Girl to shoot in Asia.


“I say, ‘Why not?’ There are so many fantastic locations all over Asia, it’s such a picturesque region. There are so many beautiful beaches in the Philippines.”

How are you like away from work? How do you pamper yourself?


“I’m a big soccer fan. I’m a big Chelsea fan. I’m sad that my favorite team didn’t win in the recent games. In New York, I have fun time enjoying a wide selection of wonderful food, and there are great movies and great plays.”

By the way, how do you maintain such a beautiful body?


“I play football. I enjoy working out in the gym almost every day.”

And your diet?


“Fresh fish and fruits all the time. And no alcohol.”

Have you tried any Filipino food?


“Not really. I was at a restaurant downstairs last night and I had a really nice chicken. But there’s still time. Maybe tonight. Why not?”

What’s the good thing about being Ed Westwick?


“Well, I’m a very lucky boy. I get to do a job that I really enjoy and I get to travel to fantastic places around the world, you know.”

What’s the best thing that you will remember about the Philippines?


“I haven’t gone too much, so I would say the beautiful sunrise.”

And what’s the bad thing about being Ed Westwick, if any?


“The bad thing?” (Thinks awhile) “The jetlag!” (And then laughs)

What did you do during the long flight to Manila?


“I slept a lot. I slept pretty much, man! And I watched a couple of films.”

Describe yourself in three words.


“Relaxed. Measured. English.”




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