Intervjuv med Ed

En intervjuv med Ed som hemsidan nyligen har gjort. Han pratar om Chalet girl,J.Edgar och lite om Leighton meester! :)

Instantly recognisable as the face of Chuck Bass from TV’s Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick has gradually been creeping up the radar on the cinema scene for a few years now. With roles in Son of Rambow and horror flick 100 Feet, and starring opposite Gemma Arterton as Heathcliff in Peter Webber’s forthcoming Wuthering Heights, he is currently winning over the hearts of snow-bunnies everywhere as the romantic interest in Chalet Girl. Talking to View’s Matthew Turner, he spoke about the camaraderie on set, fitting in filming with Gossip Girl and the prospect of working with Clint Eastwood.

Chalet Girl seemed like it was a lot of fun to work on. Was that the case?
Yeah, it was good fun, man. I mean that was our whole intention when we set out, you know? It was a fun, cute script and I think that's it – when you sit down, when you go and watch it, you know what you're going to get from it and when you leave it's a feel-good movie.
It was a great experience that we all bonded together quickly. That's a perfect situation when you're working on a film...

How did you get involved?
I was sent the script and I read it and it fitted in perfectly with our break from shooting Gossip Girl. And I thought it would be a nice change of genres and a nice change in terms of the dynamics of the people who were involved in the film. So yeah, so I jumped on.

Were you a keen snowboarder beforehand?
A skier, man. I was fortunate enough that when I was at school we did ski trips once a year, so I learned to ski with my school, so I was ready to go.

So was that part of the appeal? Part acting job, part skiing holiday?
Exactly that. And it's such a picturesque location and the fresh air in your lungs, so yeah, all of those factors together, it was a definite.

Did you lobby to do any of your own skiing stuff?
I did it all, pretty much, except for one scene where there was some crazy jump, which it probably wasn't in my best interests to attempt. So, yeah, 99% of it was me.

Had you met any of the cast before?
No. I hadn't, actually, but we had mutual friends so I felt like we kind of knew each other anyway. It was a great experience in that respect, that we all kind of bonded together really quickly. That's a perfect situation when you're working on a film, especially when you're away from friends and family as well and you're with the people you're working with - afterwards you have dinner and stuff like that, so it was great. A great bunch of people.

Do you have a favourite scene?
We had fun when we were doing the thing with the cork marks on our heads [a game called Ibble Dibble] – that was a good laugh and we all cracked up a bit. Also, the party scene, where I walk in on the girls when they're throwing a party in our place. That was hilarious. There's this one bit where a guy walks past us and says 'Awesome sauna, bro,' and this guy was a character indeed. We took a long time to get that scene done because we couldn't stop laughing. This dude was just larger than life in terms of how he was, so that would be my most memorable moment.

The film has such a great cast. It sounds like you all really bonded …
Absolutely. Immensely. And it's a shame that Nick Braun, who plays my brother-in-law to be, isn't here right now because he and I are great friends and he would have been a great addition to this bunch. He's hilarious.

What was Phil [Traill] like as a director?
Phil was great. Very relaxed approach, made you feel very comfortable. One of the gang, definitely. Obviously when I saw the film I was really pleased with what he'd done and especially one of the key elements in the film, the soundtrack, which was very appropriate for the film and raised the atmosphere tenfold. It's an absolutely great choice, so I'm very pleased with what he did.

What was the hardest scene to film?
Probably some of the stuff just out on the snow, where we had to hit a specific patch and then it was so bright out there, with the sunlight reflecting off the snow. So it was hard to keep your eyes open, which, when you're trying to act isn't the best thing.

What's your next project?
I'm going back to finish shooting season four of Gossip Girl and then I've got a part in Clint Eastwood's next film – he's doing a biopic of J. Edgar Hoover with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Wow. Who are you playing in that?
I'm playing a young FBI agent, so that's going to be a lot of fun. I'm very excited. It's called J. Edgar - Leo's playing Hoover, obviously, Naomi Watts is the female lead, playing Miss Gandy and Armie Hammer, who strangely, was on Gossip Girl two seasons ago, is playing Clyde Tolson.

When I mentioned on Twitter that I was interviewing you I had a sudden influx of people who wanted me to ask you just one question: are you doing a duet with [Gossip Girl co-star] Leighton Meester?
No, I'm not.

Would you like to?
No. No. No, I might, I don't know. No, I don't think so. Leighton's great though. I love her to bits and she's passionate about her music thing. I don't know, man. Yeah, we could do like a Christmas number one or something like that. Perfect.


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