Intervjuv med Hugo Becker aka Louis Gimaldi

En lite små gammal intervjuv med Hugo Becker som spelar Prins Louis, han pratar bland annat om vad han tycker kortfatta om de andra skådespelarna.
Intervjuvn kom ut 16 Maj så de hade inte visat avsnitt 22 då om ni blir lite smått förvirrad av vad han pratar om :)

Chuck or Prince Louis -- who will win Blair's heart?

That is the question going into "Gossip Girl's" Season 4 finale --
"The Wrong Goodbye" -- airing Monday, May 16.

Zap2it chatted with Hugo Becker (a.k.a. Prince Louis) about the intense finale,  Louis' chances in the fight for Blair's affections and if fans will be seeing him in Season 5.

"The stakes are indeed very high and Blair is in great danger," Becker says of the finale. "I think you should 'watch the finale and see' because it is going to be much more intense than a few words."

Viewers have been debating for weeks about who is the best man for Blair: The prince, Louis, or the dark knight, Chuck. (We won't even include the pauper, Dan Humphrey. #misleadingpromos.) Does Becker think Prince Louis is the right choice for Blair? "You should ask Leighton, it is all up to Blair. They could make a terrific couple, but we all know life is more complicated than this, or maybe not... hm, why not?"

Fans were first introduced to Prince Louis in the beginning of Season 4 when Blair and Serena were spending their summer in Paris. Although Blair left her Roger Vivier heel with Louis and told him to come find her in New York City, Becker didn't know then that he would be returning later in the season.

"I did not know I would be back. I was a bit sad to leave the series," he says. "I was secretly hoping Louis would be passionate enough for a comeback; that he would have the guts to follow his feelings, trespass his royal obligations and come to NYC."

Joining a show that has been on for four years could be a little intimidating for an actor, but Becker says he never felt like an outsider. "I would certainly have been [intimidated] if they were not all so welcoming with me. The cast, as well as the crew, is only made of talented people with a great sense of humor. Thus, you feel like you've known for a while very quickly."

We had some fun with Becker and asked him to describe the show's cast members in a few words. "Gossip Girl" rapid-fire in 3...2...1...: 

Leighton Meester: "Leighton is fantastic, she is nuts. I love that and we had a lot of fun on set."

Blake Lively:
"Blake is a great cook, a gorgeous woman and a terrific actress."

Jessica Szohr:
"I have not played with Jessica, but judging from the little I know, she is lovely."

The "Gossip Girl" guys -- Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley: "About the boys, well, Ed, Chace as well as Penn are... total a**holes. No, I'm kidding. They were incredibly cool and welcoming, always have a smile on their face which is crucial on set, especially early in the morning. Ed is someone I really liked playing with."

Becker was coy when asked if he would be returning for Season 5, teasing, "the answer is in the finale."


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