Leighton Meester och Justin Long tillsammans?

Här är en artikel om Leighton och Justin Long som rapporterats ha varit på en dejt tillsammans i Hollywood. Som sagt har ingen av dom kommenterat det här och vi har inga bild bevis men så här skriver MTV hemsida.

Chic meets geek? Word on the street is that “Gossip Girl” fashionista Leighton Meester and adorable actor Justin Long might be (dare we say it?) a thing. We didn’t see it coming either, but the more we think about it, this could be totally adorable—and besides, since when do PDA lie?

People reports that the pair were spotted holding hands (go ahead, let your inner fourth grader gasp) at La Poubelle in Hollywood where they were dining together. And we’re not talking buddies grabbing a quick bite to eat—according to reports, the meal lasted for two hours and Leighton and Justin hung around the restaurant until after midnight. Long dinner.right. Sweet-but-subtle PDA. If it looks like a date and acts like a date, right?

The down-to-earth stars kept their (alleged) date fan-friendly, an onlooker reported. “They were happily willing to talk to fans who approached them.”

Their reps were predictably tight-lipped after the encounter, but maybe no news is good news for this could-be couple (we hope so!). They do look pretty cute together, now that we think about it…


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