Spoiler från Ausiello!

Nya spoiler från Ausiello till kommande avsnitt!

Question: When will we find out definitively who the father of Blair’s baby is on Gossip Girl? We still haven’t seen the paternity test. —Sarah
Ausiello: Exec producer Josh Safran tells me an answer — and a “cemented” one at that — is coming in the next couple of episodes, adding, “We definitely understand and expect people to still be wondering.”



Question: All this “Chair” regression is making me yawn. Can you offer us “Dair” fans any hope? —Elle
Ausiello: How about I offer you this tip instead: Be patient! Safran explains that a decision was made this season to “slow down the character connections to the point where it’s a little more realistic and maybe not as heightened” — and that includes Dan and Blair. “As the characters age, [they're] not necessarily jumping into things,” he adds. “Dan and Blair, of course, continue to be in each other’s lives. And this story is definitely continuing between Chuck, Dan, Blair and Louis.”

Question: OK, I have a burning question: WTF is up with the photo making the rounds of Gossip Girl‘s Blair getting arrested with a joint and tiara in hand? —Becca
Ausiello: Two things to keep in mind: The show has been shooting episodes out of order this season. And there’s a time jump coming up. That’s all I’ll say.

Postat av: Lisa

Alltså, jag har en fråga.. Har inte gänget börjat i skolan än?? Isåfall visar ju dom inget därifrån, inte pratar om det heller. Men det är ju hörst i programmet och då har redan skolan börjat och i senaste avsnittet sa ju Penelope att Nelly yuki är på Yale. Vad gör alla andra om dom inte är i skolan?? :p

2011-11-09 @ 20:48:05
Postat av: Anonym

Jag tror det andra är i skolan bara att det inte valt att visa det så mycket. Tex Nate har ju ett sådan här internship (praktik) just nu så det är ju något som ingår i skolutbildningen.

2011-11-10 @ 18:17:36

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