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Senaste spoilerna från Kristen och Gossip girl och Chuck och Blair! SPOILER!!

Monica: Tell me Blair is lying and Louis isn't the father! Tell me this new Gossip Girl photo is of Blair telling Chuck he's the father!
Can't say either of those things, sorry! Should we stop talking then? Or did you want to know that Louis is definitely the baby daddy? (That's what our source says, anyway. And this source hasn't been wrong before.) Let me know if you want to know.

Deirdre: Dying to know about the new Gossip Girl photo! Any hope for Chuck and Blair?
I'm told they will have a heart to heart and Chuck does apologize for something very big/epic, but I don't think this scene has the outcome you're hoping for. Unless you're a Dan + Blair or Louis + Blair or Dorota + Blair shipper.


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