Senaste från Ausiello

Senaste från ausiello! SPOILER!!

Question: Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure, but since I’m 41, nobody outside my house should know I’m addicted to this teen show. (I have a reputation.) I want to know if you have some spoilers regarding Chuck and/or Blair. —Sylvie
Ausiello: Prince Louis’ meddling mother and sister will insist that Blair move to Monaco to give birth to the future heir inside her. They even draw up a contract containing all sorts of ridiculous custody clauses. What a bunch of royal pains.

Question: I have to admit, Gossip Girl‘s Charlie’s kind of growing on me. Any scoop? —Kris
Ausiello: Someone discovers the teen interloper’s big secret, and, without missing a beat, blackmails her!


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