Senaste från Krisitin

Senaste spoilerna från Kristin på eonline. Stora spoiler för er som följer i svensk takt.

@SunnySabry: Anything about Chuck and Blair and @BabyBass_, please! I’m starving!:)
First of all, I’m so happy to see that Blair’s baby is on Twitter! So tech-savvy for a fetus. I gotta get my 6 month old on that. Slacker. Now, some good news for you Blucksters: Blair totally makes out with a guy in next week’s episode and it is NOT the prince. The bad news? It’s not Chuck either. (Wah wah!) Also, it’s not what it seems, but it is not a dream. Riddle me THAT, Riddler! Post your guesses in the comments.

Frances: Anything more on who is gay on Gossip Girl?
You mean who is gay in Dan’s book? I can tell you it’s not Serena. And it’s not Chuck. And on an unrelated side note, when Dan’s book comes out his father Rufus also will not be pleased and it’ll cause lots of friction. Dan’s kinda screwed.


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