Entertainment Weekly har svarat på spoiler frågor om kommande avsnitt av Gossip girl!

I’d love to learn more about Nate and Chuck’s stories on #GossipGirl. Anything on Monkey Bass is particularly interesting — @chateluy
Awwww, Monkey Bass. Well, I can’t say you see too much doggie action in Monday’s episode, but I can tell you that the plans are currently for Monkey to stick around for a good while! He’s not going anywhere.

Despite recent events, I still root for Dan and Serena as a couple. With Dan’s book coming, is there any hope for DS to reconnect somehow in the near future?Leslie
I’ll only speak for Monday’s ep, but let’s just say Serena joins the Humphrey Haters as a result of her portrayal. It’s safe to say a relationship with Dan is pretty far from her mind in this episode. Can’t say the same for someone else, though…


Fishing for new Chuck/Blair info like it’s my job: can you give us more hints about the great Chuck/Louis scene coming up? #GG — @lucreziareigns
Thought it may be brief (I could honestly watch those two interact for hours!) it’s an emotionally raw moment that made my heart hurt.


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