5.02 "Beauty and the Feast"

Här är beskrivningen av avsnitt 2 av säsong 5 som heter "Beauty and The Feast" :)

ELIZABETH HURLEY GUEST STARS IN A MULTI-EPISODE ARC FOR SEASON FIVE / EPISODE IS SET IN BOTH NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELESNate (Chace Crawford) reconnects unexpectedly with Diana (Elizabeth Hurley), who offers him an exciting opportunity. Serena (Blake Lively) forces Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) to decide which world she wants to embrace. Dan (Penn Badgley) seeks out Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) help to stop the publication of his book, but discovers it is Chuck who needs the help. Blair’s (Leighton Meester) future sister-in-law, Beatrice (guest star Roxane Mesquida), arrives from Monaco, but her motives with Blair may be more than just to get acquainted. Matthew Settle also stars. Mark Piznarski directed the episode written by co-executive producer Sara Goodman (#502)

Postat av: Joanna

Nice :) Gud vad jag längtar tills det börjar igen !!

2011-09-15 @ 12:05:51

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