Blair:Can you say it twice? Chuck:I love you I love you I love you..

 We all have multiple reasons for why we ship Chair? What’s yours? This Monday, April 23, the CB fandom is trending #TeamChuckBlairBecause  .. & it’s your job to complete the sentence! Example: “#teamchuckblairbecause in the face of true love we just don’t give up”        Starting at @8PM EST (1 a.m GMT) we will be trending as well as continuing to celebrate the real history of Gossip Girl by watching a CB related episode (which will be announced by savechuckandblair later this week)! Show your support for our favorite Gossip Girl couple! Remember to include the CW_Network (@cw_network), the writers (@ggwriters), and exec. producer Josh Schwartz(@joshschwartz76) in your tweets! :)


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