Gossip Girl: Finale Flashbacks

Fun-Fact: Did you know that in Monday’s episode there was a pretty major spoilerly spoiler about the identity of Gossip Girl? I’ve known which Upper East Sider is a secret socialite blogger for months now, so I definitely caught the subtle nod. But did you? Not to worry NYC lovers! With only two episodes left in the series, y’all will know soon enough. (But you may want to re-watch the last thirty minutes again just in case you need a bit of a hint.) Lets look ahead shall we? I hate to say it, but someone major does not make it to the end of the finale. No, this is not escape to the south of France for a vaycay—it’s much more serious than that.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal who but I can give you a hint: It’s not Blair. Phew! Macaroon and peony-lovers can breath a sigh of relief because our favorite mean-girl will be safe while she marries the man of her dreams. (Side-Note: Is anyone else obsessed with that gorgeous light blue wedding dress?) Lastly, get excited for one of my favorite TV show tricks—flashbacks! In our final episode of The CW hit, fans will be satisfied to see a blast from our character’s past as we take a look back at when it all began: 2007. Oh how I miss seeing those always accessorized Constance school uniforms, but luckily we’ll be seeing them again very soon! P.S. This may or may not have to do with the identity of Gossip Girl...


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