Latest from Kristin (det här kom ut precis innan G.G visades i USA igår)

Gossip Girl! Are we going to be surprised by tonight's episode?
Very! Check back here right at 9 p.m. PT because I'm gonna have some great scoop from big, big bosses Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage regarding tonight's wedding shocker!

Madison: Where the heck has Ivy been hiding on Gossip Girl?!
Funny you should ask since we posed that exact question (minus the" heck" 'cause we're ladies and shiz!) to executive producer Josh Safran. His answer? "That's a real good question. The fact that you asked that question, there's an answer in that." So yeah, we're thinking she's literally in hiding. Oh, and she does not make an appearance in tonight's 100th episode.


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