Gossip Girl Season 6?

Will Gossip Girl Be Renewed for Season 6? Producer Says Season 5 Finale Isn't the End

about 16 hours ago by Whitney Ricketts


There’s so much left to see on Gossip Girl. Who will Blair end up with: Chuck or Dan? Is Lola really Serena’s sister? Is Diana related to anyone? Will Nate finally get interesting again? There’s just so much left to feel, you guys. The show must go on!

And… it will, according to CW insiders, who report Gossip Girl is on the verge of being renewed for Season 6. A source tells The Wrap the network is close to renewing the hit drama for a “final” season — but with a smaller number of episodes, shortening the season from 22 weeks to closer to a dozen. Executive producer Josh Safran weighs in, telling TVLine he's absolutely confident GG will be renewed. "We are not closing out this season with a series finale."

Leighton MeesterBlake LivelyEd Westwick, and Chace Crawford all reportedly have contracts for six seasons. Both Leighton and Blake have expressed interest in ending their GG reign as soon as their contracts are up; last year, Blake told Elle, “We’re at this point now where it’s the homestretch, and for the first time, we feel the end.”

Source: The WrapTVLine


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