Visste du att..?

Visste ni att Blake Livley var stalkad? ;)

Blake Lively's Stalker Ordered to Stay Away for Three Years

March 3 at 04:42PM EST by Sam Lansky
Blake Lively Films a Gossip Girl Scene in New York on February 29, 2012
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Blake Lively (Serena) bundles up while shooting Gossip Girl.

Good news for Blake Lively: After filing an emergency restraining order against Sergi Mifle, an obsessed fan who attempted to visit the Gossip Girl set and contacted Blake's mother, Elaine, the order has been granted and Sergei has to steer clear for a full three years.

Judge Carol Boas Goodson said that Sergei needs to stay 100 yards away from Blake, her mother, her home, and the GG set at all times, after security for the show noticed him "lurking around the set all day." Sergei, currently a resident of New Jersey, called Elaine Lively a few days later, saying, "I have to help her, she's troubled." He sent several more emails and left voicemails for Elaine, which escalated in their urgency, prompting Blake and Elaine to file an emergency restraining order. That was granted last month; the three-year extension has now also been approved.

Blake Lively and Stalker Sergei Mifle
Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Splash News

Blake Lively is being stalked by Sergei Mifle.

Sergei called the restraining order "ridiculous," telling the New York Daily News, "I will stay away, but there will come a time when I’m going to need her. I just want to talk to her. I like her very much."

Talk about creepy and obsessive — and we thought Georgina Sparks was bad news!


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