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Danielle: Will the gorgeous engagement ring hanging around Blair's neck be playing a bigger part in upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl?
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the ring is going to stay pretty undercover, at least for the immediate future. The rock will remain under Blair's clothes and we're pretty sure no one else even knows that Chuck gave it to her.

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Question: Any idea what brings Billy Baldwin back to Gossip Girl? Also, when does he return? —Jess Ausiello: Serena’s dad resurfaces in Episode 7, but we’ll quickly learn his tentacles have been stirring one particular pot all season long.

Question: Do you have any scoop on next week’s episode of Gossip Girl? –Danielle Ausiello: Three scoops, actually. 1) Unless the censors at The CW get cold feet at the last minute, Georgina says something to Dan that includes the words “raw” and “hard.” 2) Serena is a closet Millionaire Matchmaker addict. 3) Jenny gets a shout-out (kinda).

Question: Will Chuck and Blair get married in the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie Ausiello: Don’t know. I will say that one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.



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Have you got any info as to what Blair and Chuck are up to in 6.02? — Danielle
I can’t say their paths cross all that much in this episode. Chuck is busy trying to take down his father, and Blair is busy tying to cope with the reappearance of Nelly Yuki, who now holds a very powerful position that can ruin Blair’s new fashion venture.

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"Gossip Girl": The final season of The CW's flagship series begins tonight at 9 p.m. EST -- and we've already told you ten things you can expect to see in the first two episodes. Now we've got one more for you: One of the new characters you meet in Episode 1 will have a compelling reason to research New York's statutory rape laws in Episode 2. Hmm.

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That Gossip Girl trailer is racy! Are B and Chuck really going to be hot and heavy like that all season? — Carrie
 Not exactly. After one torrid night in Monte Carlo, the two will agree to put their reunion on hold until they get their businesses in order. That means plenty of other temptations will catch their respective eyes — namely a gorgeous former business associate of Chuck's dad and the head of public relations for Blair's fashion company. Can the seemingly destined lovebirds hold out for their happy ending?

saftiga spoilers- Ask Ausiello

Question: Gossip Girl‘s final season starts in less than a week, so this week’s Ask Ausiello better have something good on the premiere. Or else. —Dawn Ausiello: Last I checked the column was called Ask Ausiello not Threaten Ausiello. Having said that, I’ll give you what you want, just promise not to hurt me or my family, K? Herewith are six mild-to-wild spoilers about Monday’s premiere:
* Someone is wearing an engagement ring by the end of the episode, but there’s a twist.
* I can confirm that the event featured in these photos is indeed a wedding, but there’s a twist.
* The show’s go-to rehab clinic, The Ostroff Center, has been renamed to reflect current events.
* Blair and Georgina’s bitchy repartee throughout the hour is a thing of immense beauty.
* Dan gives Blair a tough-love speech about her dysfunctional relationship with Chuck that literally leaves his ex speechless.
* Someone has a big secret, and that someone’s initials are BB.

BB= Bart Bass? Eller kanske Blair Bass? Hoppas på andra alternativet, men tror nog att det är Bart Bass.

Question: Can you share anything about the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie Ausiello: According to some just-leaked casting intel, the swan song will feature a cute and adorable 3-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking that little rascal could be Chuck and Blair’s firstborn.

OMFG!! Jag längtar till tisdag! Gå in HÄR så får ni se en vision bild på Chair-baby som jag hittade, såå söt!

Nya spoilers från EW.

I can’t wait until new Gossip Girl!!! Can you PLEASE share some Chuck and Blair spoilers? Thank you. — Karen
For old time’s sake, there’s a Chuck and Blair scene in a limo in the Oct. 8 premiere. But I won’t say what goes down.

I’m dying for some Serena/Blair, Chuck/Blair or Serena/Nate scoop! — Kellie
One of these pairs is on the worst terms they’ve ever been by the end of the premiere episode. And by the second episode, another pair will be connected in a completely unexpected (and, some might argue, twisted) way.


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Senaste från TvLine.

Question: Okay, I’ll bite — who’s Rufus’ shocking new love interest on Gossip Girl? Or maybe just tell us why it’s so shocking. —Danielle
Ausiello: Well, there’s the age difference. And there’s also the fact that she… um… did I mention the big age difference? She’s a relatively new character. Name rhymes with, “Bye, V!”


Teorier om säsong 6!

Jag och min kompis pratade lite om säsong 6, efter att ha sett promos och bilder, och vi tror att det skulle kunna ligga till så här:
  • Serena har åkt iväg (finalen i S5 fick vi se henne åka iväg med ett tåg och dessutom ta droger), hon har blivit gamla Serena igen. 
  • I promon fick se henne i ett väldigt dåligt skick, antagligen har någon hjälp henne efter det och tagit hand om henne.
  • Hon har träffat en kille och ljugit om sin identitet
  • Det är Serena som ska gifta sig med denne kille. Av någon anledning får de andra (Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan & Georgina) nys om det och kommer dit och försöker stoppa det.
Vad tror ni, kan något av det stämma? Just det, ni hittar promosen i menyn under "Promos och Sneak Peeks"

Nya spoilers från eonline.

Isabella: What’s coming up for Dan this year on Gossip Girl?
Dan is going to the dark side! “He’s actually going down a dark path finally, but in a real way,” Penn Badgley told E!’s Marc Malkin at the Toronto International Film Festival. “I mean, I think he’s dabbled in the dark before, but you’re like, ‘Dude, that’s not that dark. You don’t know what dark is.’ It seems like he might be going there a little bit, but it’s good.” So just how dark is Dan going in this final season? While he couldn’t reveal too much, Penn teases, “I think he might be betraying people in a profound way that he’s never had the balls to or the lack of heart to.” Yikes!

Sadie: Any GG scoop about Blair that doesn’t have to do with her love life?
Blair is currently on her way to being that powerful woman she’s always wanted to be! “She is now focusing on her career,” Leighton Meester tells us. “She’s taking care of her mom’s business, so that’s kind of cool!” More like way cool!






Dessa bilder kommer från inspelningarna den 10 september, kolla alla bilder här.
Är de bara jag som tycker att killen som Ivy kysser är Serenas pappa? Är nästan helt säker men rätta mig om jag har fel!!


Ny spoiler från Ausiello.

Question: Kind of a nerdy Gossip Girl question — who’s writing and directing the series finale? —Jacob
Ausiello: You’re in luck — I excel at nerdy Gossip Girl questions. In a fitting bookend to the series, the swan song will be penned by exec producer Stephanie Savage (who co-wrote the pilot) and directed by Mark Piznarski (who helmed the pilot). Bonus Scoop/Riddle: Gossip Girl will stick with tradition this season and have pretty much every episode build to some lavish event. Below is a sampling of just some of the episode-anchoring bashes that the show will be throwing — can you spot the foiler?

* A fashion show
* Thanksgiving dinner
* An out-of-town horse show
* An art show
* Jenny’s memorial service
* The opening of a pop-up store
* A Cotillion

The answer is hidden somewhere in this week’s column. Happy hunting!

Question: Could you give us something good about Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl? I am trying not to lose hope but it’s really hard. —French
Ausiello: Dan’s going to need a place to crash when he returns home from Europe (and staying at the Humphrey loft in Brooklyn will not be an option, for reasons that will become clear in the premiere). Blair, meanwhile, lives in a huge apartment with plenty of spare bedrooms. There you go. “Dair” scoop. Boom.

Nya spoilers


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Much Musics promo för Säsong 6

Det är lite spoilers om Chair så ni vet. Sen är det såklart "vanliga" spoilers som det brukar vara i promos :)

Sneak peak Chair och Serena

TILL ER CHAIR SHIPPERS SOM KOLLAR SÄGER JAG BARA O-M-G YES!!! dålig kvalite men det kanske kommer ut bättre sen. 
Många amerikanska/engelska harcore Dair fans har nu sagt att dem ska bojkotta säsong 6 bara för att Chair nu har sex i första avsnittet. Själv tycker jag det är löjligt. Om man bara förljer en serie för att man gillar ett par där ska man inte kolla på den serien, då kollar man inte på den av rätt anledningar..... Men dem verkar ju typ som 3 år när dem bara sitter och klagar på internet hur allt suger. Jag som är hardcore Chair shipper klagade inte i avsnitt 18 då Dair hade sex, för för mig handlar inte serien om att gilla par. Att jag älskar CHair är bara en bonus för mig :)

Första still bilden från säsong 6 avsnitt 1 och info om avsnittet


PREVIOUSLY ON… | Blair tracked Chuck down in Monte Carlo in the hopes of reconciling, a broken Serena left town in a haze of sex and drugs, Nate asked Lola to move in with him and Rufus and Lily went their separate ways.

COMING UP NEXT | After a brief opening act to tie up some of the loose ends from last May’s cliffhanger, the show’s final 10-episode season jumps forward four months and promptly launches into a new mystery. “Serena is missing,” reveals exec producer Stephanie Savage. “No one has heard from her, not even Gossip Girl. She’s truly off the map. So the gang has to get together to try and find her.” S eventually resurfaces on the arm of a new, more mature beau, played by 7th Heaven vet Barry Watson. “He lets Serena be herself,” notes Savage, “which is something that she really needs right now.” Blair, meanwhile, finally realizes she needs Chuck — and vice versa. “They now understand what it would mean for them to be together,” says exec producer Sara Goodman, adding that they first have to figure out “what they need as separate people” before they can fully commit. The main theme of the season is “adulthood,” says Savage. “High school is long in the past and they’re thinking about who they want to be and how they want to be.”

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Although she won’t technically be a series regular, Michelle Trachtenberg will have a bigger presence as Georgina than in any previous season.

RETURN DATE | Monday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c (The CW)

(Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular)



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Tips från läsare: Dan och Serena manus för 6.06.

Here’s what wyrd22wrld from FF deciphered so far: 

Serena (to Dan):
you brought a vespa

Dan(to Serena)
I forgot you like vespas.

offers her a helmet

Paparazzo to Serena/Dan: killer sex tape
when’s the sequel?
are you two an item again?

Serena shields her face from the flashes as Dan grabs her hand, helps her up on the back of the vespa…
they take/speed off, as the paparazzi give chase, bulbs flashing

Spotted: S and D getting cozy again
I love to watch





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