Ed i Manila,Filippinerna!

Ed har precis landat på filippinerna för sin projekt med PENSHOPPE och här har vi lite bild bevis!

Checka in det där smilet! :D

Leighton konsert!

Om ni råkar vara i LA den 13 Juni så har faktiskt Leighton en konsert på Troubadour i LA. Det är ingen åldersgräns och man kan köpa biljetter här!.

Vi andra får hoppas på att det kommer ut några klipp från konserten :)

Bild från I Hate You Dad table read

Alltid innan de börjar spela in en film så har man något som heter table read då man går igenom manuset. Här är en bild på Leighton från förra veckan när hon var på table read för filmen I Hate You Dad som de börjar spela in i juni! :)

Ed ansiktet utåt för PENSHOPPE

Ed kommer vara ansiktet utåt och stå modell för märket PENSHOPPE och kommer att flyga till Manila som är huvudstaden i Filippinerna i början på Juni så troligen i veckan!
Så här skriver FashionPulis

The new face of the Philippines’ leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE is none other than international star ED WESTWICK, better known the world over as Chuck Bass, an overly confident and sexy bad boy, in the popular television series “Gossip Girl,” from Josh Schwartz (“The O.C.”), based on the tremendously popular book series about privileged teenagers who attend an elite private school in New York City.

The announcement was recently confirmed by PENSHOPPE Brand Director Alex Mendoza stating that, “the selection of (Westwick) was for the British-born actor to headline the brand’s 2011/12 campaign in the Philippines as well as to introduce a fresh new face that will represent PENSHOPPE’s new and revitalized image,” he explained. “We believe it is time to appoint someone on an international scale. It’s time to show everyone that PENSHOPPE is upgrading itself to international levels. Someone like Ed fits the mindset and is admired by our market.”

Since the introduction of his bad boy character Chuck Bass in the popular series Gossip Girl in 2007, his alter ego has made a unique style impression that has since landed him in magazine covers as well as a style copied by men the world over.

“On its 25th year, PENSHOPPE is proud to have actor Ed Westwick as our headliner. His presence and charisma will definitely wake the Philippines to the fact that what is originally Philippine made can also be worn proudly by a worldwide icon as well as people around the world.”

Ed is set to fly to Manila first week of June to shoot the campaign with Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste in cooperation with international publicity firm PR Asia Worldwide. The actor will endorse PENSHOPPE’s pre-Holiday 2011 to Summer 2012 collection. Mendoza shares, “Ed will embody the free and easy, sophisticated casual style that the brand is known for.”

Gossip girl ikväll

Ikväll visas avsnitt 19 som kallas "Petty in Pink" på kanal 5. Precis som vanligt kl 19.00! :)


Inget att göra??

Finns inga nyheter om Leighton och Ed just nu därför är det lite torrt på uppdatering men om ni inte har något och göra kan ni ju alltid kolla på filmer som Ed och Leighton har varit med i ;)
Jag lägger upp länkar här nedan där ni kan kolla på filmerna i bra kvalité :P


Country Strong

The Roommate


Chalet Girl

Själv gillar jag Chalet Girl mest! Vilken gillar ni???

Gossip girl repris på vardagarna!

Idag klockan 15.00 kommer kanal 5 att börja visa Gossip girl avsnitten i repris! Detta kommer vara måndag-fredag ca kl 15.00! Så om ni har lust att kolla på alla avsnitt igen så är det bara att börja och sitta och bänka sig vid tvn på eftermiddagarna! :)

Så idag går alltså avsnitt 1.01!

Gammal intervjuv med Leighton!

Igår la jag upp en gammal photoshoot med Ed så tänkte lägga upp en gammal intervjuv med Leighton!

Det här är när leighton gästade David Letterman i september 2009! :)

Gammal photoshoot med Ed!

Det är inte mycket som cirkulerar runt i GG världen just nu så kör en mina favoriter för det var så länge sedan!
Det är väl inte en favorit igentligen men tycker det är kul att se hur Ed så ut för några år sedan. Så här är ett klipp från hans Teen Vogue photoshoot från 2 år sedan! :)

Ed i förhandlingarna av roll i "Romeo och Juliet"!

Enligt hemsidan variety är Ed under förhandlingar att spela rollen Tybalt i en ny tappning av Romeo och Juliet! Det är dock inget bekräftat, så här skriver hemsidan:

"Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick is in final negotiations to play Tybalt in a new adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

Italian filmmaker Carlo Carlei is directing from a script by Julian Fellowes ("Gosford Park").

Hailee Steinfeld is set to star as Juliet, while Holly Hunter was recently cast as the Nurse, who effectively raised Juliet and serves as a go-between for her and Romeo, who has not yet been cast.

Westwick will play Tybalt, Juliet's hot-tempered cousin who is always quick to draw his sword.

Former New Line execs Ileen Maisel and Mark Ordesky are producing with Gabriele Muccino and Fellowes.

Production is scheduled to start this summer in Italy.

Westwick is coming off a supporting turn in Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar," which Warner Bros. is slated to release Dec. 14. Thesp's commitment to the CW's "Gossip Girl" is not expected to interfere with "Romeo and Juliet's" shooting schedule. Westwick is repped by WME and Affirmative Entertainme

Intervjuv med Hugo Becker aka Louis Gimaldi

En lite små gammal intervjuv med Hugo Becker som spelar Prins Louis, han pratar bland annat om vad han tycker kortfatta om de andra skådespelarna.
Intervjuvn kom ut 16 Maj så de hade inte visat avsnitt 22 då om ni blir lite smått förvirrad av vad han pratar om :)

Chuck or Prince Louis -- who will win Blair's heart?

That is the question going into "Gossip Girl's" Season 4 finale --
"The Wrong Goodbye" -- airing Monday, May 16.

Zap2it chatted with Hugo Becker (a.k.a. Prince Louis) about the intense finale,  Louis' chances in the fight for Blair's affections and if fans will be seeing him in Season 5.

"The stakes are indeed very high and Blair is in great danger," Becker says of the finale. "I think you should 'watch the finale and see' because it is going to be much more intense than a few words."

Viewers have been debating for weeks about who is the best man for Blair: The prince, Louis, or the dark knight, Chuck. (We won't even include the pauper, Dan Humphrey. #misleadingpromos.) Does Becker think Prince Louis is the right choice for Blair? "You should ask Leighton, it is all up to Blair. They could make a terrific couple, but we all know life is more complicated than this, or maybe not... hm, why not?"

Fans were first introduced to Prince Louis in the beginning of Season 4 when Blair and Serena were spending their summer in Paris. Although Blair left her Roger Vivier heel with Louis and told him to come find her in New York City, Becker didn't know then that he would be returning later in the season.

"I did not know I would be back. I was a bit sad to leave the series," he says. "I was secretly hoping Louis would be passionate enough for a comeback; that he would have the guts to follow his feelings, trespass his royal obligations and come to NYC."

Joining a show that has been on for four years could be a little intimidating for an actor, but Becker says he never felt like an outsider. "I would certainly have been [intimidated] if they were not all so welcoming with me. The cast, as well as the crew, is only made of talented people with a great sense of humor. Thus, you feel like you've known for a while very quickly."

We had some fun with Becker and asked him to describe the show's cast members in a few words. "Gossip Girl" rapid-fire in 3...2...1...: 

Leighton Meester: "Leighton is fantastic, she is nuts. I love that and we had a lot of fun on set."

Blake Lively:
"Blake is a great cook, a gorgeous woman and a terrific actress."

Jessica Szohr:
"I have not played with Jessica, but judging from the little I know, she is lovely."

The "Gossip Girl" guys -- Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley: "About the boys, well, Ed, Chace as well as Penn are... total a**holes. No, I'm kidding. They were incredibly cool and welcoming, always have a smile on their face which is crucial on set, especially early in the morning. Ed is someone I really liked playing with."

Becker was coy when asked if he would be returning for Season 5, teasing, "the answer is in the finale."

Framsidan av säsong 4 boxen

Den troliga framsidan för säsong 4 boxen har kommit ut! Den här bilden har både play.com och amazon.co.uk som bild för boxframsidan så det är mycket troligt att den ser ut så här :) Vad tycker ni?

Ikväll avsnitt 18!

Ikväll visas avsnitt 18 på kanal 5. Avsnittet heter The Kids Stay In The Picture och visas vanlig tid kl 19.00! :)

Bilder från MTV Movie Awards promo

Här är lite bilder från behind the scens av promon i inlägget nedan. Ni får se dem i brist på andra nyheter :P

Mtv Movie Awards Promo

Här är en promo för Mtv Movie Awards med Leighton! Galan är den 5 Juni och som sagt Leighton är nominerad i kategorin Best Villian så fortsätt att rösta, man kan rösta hur många gånger man vill :)

Poster för säsong 5

Cw har kommit ut med en poster för nästa säsong. Inga riktigt nya bilder,bara photoshopat ihop bilder från säsong 3 promotion fotografering. Synd tycker jag skulle vara roligt med ny promotion bilder :)

Säsong 5 Press release

Cw har kommit ut med press release för Gossip girl säsong 5!
Alltså hur säsongens handling kommer börja :)

8:00-9:00 P.M. "GOSSIP GIRL"
Season Four ended with Chuck Bass's (Ed Westwick) heartbreaking decision to step aside and let Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) begin her new life as a Princess-to-be with her fiancé, Prince Louis (Hugo Becker). Meanwhile, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), in sunny Los Angeles, was offered a fantastic summer job working for an A-List Hollywood director just as we discovered that Serena's cousin, Charlie (Kaylee Defer), was the real actress in the family! Back in New York, a newly single Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) convinced Chuck to go on a hedonistic summer trip around the globe while Dan Humphrey's (Penn Badgley) oldest friend went behind his back and found an editor to anonymously publish his autobiographical novel, "Inside." Season Five will open in the City of Angels when a reenergized Chuck and Nate decide to pay Serena a visit. Back home, Blair learns that planning a royal wedding can be a royal pain, and Dan discovers the ramifications of writing candidly about his closest friends. Finally, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the van der Woodsen family from within. Watch out Upper East Siders, this season nobody's safe, and everybody's going to be sorry....XOXO, Gossip Girl. The series stars Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen, Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey, Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald, Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass, Kaylee DeFer as Charlie Rhodes, Kelly Rutherford as Lily van der Woodsen and Matthew Settle as Rufus Humphrey. Filmed in New York and based on the popular series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, GOSSIP GIRL is from Fake Empire and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Josh Schwartz ("Chuck," "The O.C."), Stephanie Savage ("The O.C."), Leslie Morgenstein ("The Vampire Diaries"), Bob Levy ("The Vampire Diaries") and Joshua Safran.

Spotifylista uppdaterad!

Spotifylistan är nu uppdaterad med musik från sista avsnittet av säsongen!
Lyssna kan du göra här! Eller var inte subscribe ;)

Kommer även försöka uppdatera låtar som jag har missat under året till listan :)

All For A Woman All At Once The Airborne Toxic Event
Changing All At Once The Airborne Toxic Event
Cherry Tree
The Duke Spirit
In Safe Hands It's What I'm Thinking, Pt. 1: Photographing Snowflakes Badly Drawn Boy
Perfection Oh Land Oh Land
Rolling in the Deep 21 Adele
Space + Time
The Pierces
The Great Unknown Figurines Figurines

Ed på Free Arts NYC’s 12th Annual Art Auction Benefit

Ed är tillbaka i New York och igår var han på Free Arts NYC's 12th Annual Art Auction Benefit! Haha man kan allt undra vad som händer vid bild 3 och 4 hahah

Leighton Meester och Justin Long tillsammans?

Här är en artikel om Leighton och Justin Long som rapporterats ha varit på en dejt tillsammans i Hollywood. Som sagt har ingen av dom kommenterat det här och vi har inga bild bevis men så här skriver MTV hemsida.

Chic meets geek? Word on the street is that “Gossip Girl” fashionista Leighton Meester and adorable actor Justin Long might be (dare we say it?) a thing. We didn’t see it coming either, but the more we think about it, this could be totally adorable—and besides, since when do PDA lie?

People reports that the pair were spotted holding hands (go ahead, let your inner fourth grader gasp) at La Poubelle in Hollywood where they were dining together. And we’re not talking buddies grabbing a quick bite to eat—according to reports, the meal lasted for two hours and Leighton and Justin hung around the restaurant until after midnight. Long dinner.right. Sweet-but-subtle PDA. If it looks like a date and acts like a date, right?

The down-to-earth stars kept their (alleged) date fan-friendly, an onlooker reported. “They were happily willing to talk to fans who approached them.”

Their reps were predictably tight-lipped after the encounter, but maybe no news is good news for this could-be couple (we hope so!). They do look pretty cute together, now that we think about it…

Sista avsnittet för säsongen!

Nu har man sett sista avsnittet till säsong 4! Längtar redan till nästa säsong som inte kommer för en i september! :'( :'(

Ni som inte har sett avsnittet kan kolla här!

Leighton i L'Officiel China

Leighton pryder framsidan av tidning L'OFFICIEL China och med lite nya bilder från en gammal photoshoot!

Leighton med likadant armband som Ed!

Checka in de här två bilderna Ed och Leighton har exakt likadant armband!  :D

Leighton i NY 3 maj

Lite gamla bilder på Leighton från den tredje maj syndes ute i NY!

Fler låtar från Leightons konsert!

Fler låtar med Leighton från hennes konsert på hotel Café där hon uppträde i onsdags!




Ny monte carlo trailer!

Det har kommit ut en ny trailer till Leightons kommande film Monte Carlo och det är lite nya scener med i den! :)

Gossip girl ikväll

Ikväll visas avsnitt 17 på kanal 5!

Här är trailern för er som inte har sett den innan :)

Ännu mer musik!

Fler videos från Leightons konsert i onsdags!

Blue Afternoon

On my side+ Jenny

Fler konsert videos!

Det har kommit ut fler konsert videos från när Leighton upptäde i onsdags! :)

Still Yours



Ed presenterar på National Movie Awards

När Ed på var på National Movie Awards för några dagar sedan så presenterade han även! Så här får ni klippet när han presenterar ;)

Tack michelle för att på peka på att länken inte funka! Har lagt upp en ny nu under klippet! :)

Ps. Eds film har även kommit ut på internet i bra kvalité så om ni vill se den kan ni klicka här! (:

Spotify lista uppdaterad!

Om ni inte redan har sett det så är spotifylistan uppdaterad med musiken från det senaste avsnittet! :)
Vilket svenska Lykke Li hade en låt med i!


Heart Is A Beating Drum Blood Pressures The Kills
Mon Amour
Squeak E. Clean
One in the World Outside Tapes 'n Tapes
Sensitive Kid Mine Is Yours Cold War Kids
State of I Heavy Daze Wildcat Craze - EP Peanut Butter Lovesicle
Youth Knows No Pain Wounded Rhymes Lykke Li

Bilder från Leightons konsert!

Här är lite bilder från Leightons konsert igår på Hotel Café där hon upptäde med hennes nya akustiska låtar! Vi får hoppas att hennes skiva kommer ut snart :)

Gossip Girl 4.22 preview

Preview från nästa avsnitt som är det sista!

Leighton Meester & Check In The Dark - The Stand In

Igår kväll hade Leighton en konsert med Check In The Dark och här nedan kan du se när det uppträder med låten The Stand In! :)

Fler bilder från Monte Carlo

Det har kommit ut fler bilder på Leighton från hennes kommande film Monte Carlo! :)

Ed på National Movie Awards 2011

Ed var igår på National Movie Awards i London vilket jag har pratat om tidigare och han såg ut så här!

Nya bilder från Monte Carlo!

Det har kommit ut fler nya bilder från Leightons kommande film Monte Carlo! :)

ny promo bild för Monte Carlo

En ny promotion bild från Monte Carlo som kommer ut i USA i sommar!

Leighton till MTV movie awards

Nu är det bekräftat att Leighton kommer vara med på MTV movie Awars även Blake kommer att vara där. Så här skriver sidan monsters and critics.

The “2011 MTV Movie Awards” will be live on Sunday, June 5 at 9pm ET/8pm CT. The first presenters to be announced, fans can tune-in to see Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as well as Steve Carell and Emma Stone.

Jesse Eisenberg is set to appear with last year’s host Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride. In addition, Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy are confirmed to light up the stage. As previously announced, Jason Sudeikis will host the 20th annual event LIVE from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.

Leighton will present an award with Monte Carlo co-stars Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy. Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively is also attending the show to present an award with her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds.

PS.Glöm inte att rösta på Leighton som Best Villian du kan rösta här! ;)

Sneak Peak för 4.22

Sneak peak för nästa avsnitt 4.22 "the wrong goodbye"!

Blairs dröm scen 4.21

I alla variationer av senaste avsnittet som jag har sett så saknas den här scenen i början. Jag vet inte varför men tänkte att jag lägger upp den så får ni se om ni vill! ^^ Det är en dröm som Blair har och är den första scenen i avsnittet! :)

hahaha jag tycker den är så rolig x) (jag och min dåliga humor -.- *suck*)

Extended promo!

Här är den längre promon för nästa avsnitt! Å kan ni fatta vi kommer inte få se ett nytt Gossip girl avsnitt för en i september då :(

haha var det bara jag som älskade Jack i senaste avsnittet (4.21)? haha

Latest from Kristin

Kristin svara på lite spoileraktig fråga! ;)

sariahda: Gossip Girl, please!!!!

Gossip Girl boss Josh Safran tells us about the two-part finale, “There are lovely moments and thrilling moments in both parts, and I think it’s really going to feel like a ride. Last year’s finale felt like a descent into despair, because that’s what was happening with Chuck and Jenny; this one feels more like a thrill ride with happy uplifting moments and happy scary moments, but not necessarily despair.”

Promo till 4x22!

Den korta promon till nästa veckas final har kommit ut!

Få låt från avsnitt 4.20 gratis!

Gillade ni låten som spelades under tiden som Blair besökte Chuck i senaste avsnittet och enda till slutet? I så fall kan ni ladda ner den gratis från CW(Officella Gossipgirl hemsidan)! Jag lägger upp en länk och klippet med låten :)

Här är länken till nedladdningssidan!

Klipp från när låten spelades i avsnittet (Spoiler för er som ej har sett avsnittet)

Gossip girl updaterar

Har inte skrivit så mycket från själva Gossip girl bloggen, men nu har det uppdaterat med ett tidningsklipp som syndes i avsnitt 4.20 så här får ni oxå se det! :)

Gossip girl ikväll!

För er som följer gossip girl i svensk takt så visas ikväll avsnitt 16 som heter While you weren't sleeping" och här är promon :)

Ed på Todd DiCiurcio Gold exhibition at Cob Gallery

Igår var Ed på Todd DiCiurcios utställning Gold i London på Cob Gallery! På tredje bilden är även Todd med.

4.21 Shattered Bass preview

Här är previewn för nästa veckas avsnitt där Joshua Safran pratar om vad nästa veckas avsnitt handlar om :)

Ed på Tommy Hilfiger Pop-Up House Launch

Igår var Ed på Tommy Hilfiger Pop-Up House Launch i London! Han stannar troligen där tills National Movie Awards då han är nominerad i katogorin One to Watch :)

Blair and Chuck

I brist på andra nyheter lägger jag upp 4 nya Blair och Chuck youtubeklipp! I det tre första är det  stora spoiler från avsnitt 20 så om ni inte har sett avsnittet har ni blivit varnade :)

Kolla i HQ för bästa kvalité

Josh Safran Q&A

Josh Safran svara på frågor av Eonline om Chuck och Blair om måndagens avsnitt och kommande avsnitt! :)

Deep breaths, Gossip Girl fans, deep breaths.

We just talked to executive producer Josh Safran about last night’s shocking scene between Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester), and as Safran puts it, “We feel it’s very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck, and what he might do to himself—but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that.” Moreover, the Basshole is due for a “reckoning,” just as soon as he comes to his senses, which will take in the midst of the “thrilling” and “uplifting” two-part finale.

Will Blair get her fairy tale? And who is the prince in question? That guy from Europe or, as Serena pointed out, that guy who has his own Upper East Side Empire? Here’s what we can tell you:


I thought it was interesting that Chuck actually grabbed her and that the consequence of that fight was Blair had the most perfect, beautiful, dainty injury, which are two symbolically significant things. Did this moment verge on abuse? What was going on in this scene?
The way we viewed it, I think it’s very clear that Blair is not afraid in those moments, for herself. They have a volatile relationship, they always have, but I do not believe—or I should say we do not believe—that it is abuse when it’s the two of them. Chuck does not try to hurt Blair. He punches the glass because he has rage, but he has never, and will never, hurt Blair. He knows it and she knows it, and I feel it’s very important to know that she is not scared—if anything, she is scared for Chuck—and what he might do to himself, but she is never afraid of what he might do to her. Leighton and I were very clear about that.

Chuck is usually defined by his cold, emotional distance, but here he’s out of control and slobbering drunk. What is he doing?
This whole season has been a struggle for Chuck to understand who he is…He opens the season as Henry Prince, because he did not want to be Chuck Bass anymore. Even when he got surer footing, and he was like, “OK, I can be Chuck Bass again,” he was dealt another curve ball, the story with his father and the Thorpes, and looking at, “What am I born from?” The conflict for the year for Chuck has been “Who am I? What am I?” And you have to hit rock bottom before you can rise up again. That is our trajectory for Chuck, right now, and for this season.

Is this rock bottom, or is there further to go?
I would like to say “Wait and see,” but I would be hard-pressed to think that there is any more rock bottom than this. And by the way, it was a conscious decision to make the rock bottom episode 20 and not 22, so that there’s still room to go.

So at the moment Chuck is sort of a basket case?
He needed to go out of control—sometimes you have to go out of control to take stock and look at yourself and realize who you are.

I have to imagine that the morning after he’s also going to look at Blair and see that he caused the world’s most picturesque wound and react to that accordingly. Where do you go in the next two episodes in terms of Chuck’s emotional arc?
There is definitely a reckoning.

“Reckoning” could mean a lot of things. Is Chuck going to be in a gunfight?
I can’t say, but you saw who Raina (Tika Sumpter) called at the end of the episode. There’s two things that we’ve shown that can touch Chuck’s Achilles heel, and they are Blair and Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington). And to have both of them in the same episode, what’s that gonna be?

Ah, Chuck…He’s such a classic romantic hero, like Rhett Butler, sort of strong enough that you can stretch him pretty far.
Sure, we talk about these classic movies all the time, and sometimes the audience just likes it better when it’s The Philadelphia Story, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but you have to talk about these other movies as well. Each character can’t just be in romantic comedies all the time.
Play 2011 Met Gala: Blake Lively
Play Latin Music Awards: Adriana De Moura-Sidi
Play The Soup Blog: “Watch What Happens Live”

He’s always had that Gothic thing, and those guys are always imbued with a dark side in addition to their vulnerability about their girlfriends. Would you say that the next two episodes are a time of strength for Chuck or a time of weakness?
All I will say is that I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of Chair on chairs. That’s not a dream sequence; they’re smiling, and you know…How about that?

Where’s Blair, emotionally, at this point? She’s with her prince, but Chuck said to her face that we all knew she wasn’t going to get with him—plus, he’s just a guest star. What is she telling herself at the end of this episode?
Blair’s always believed in fairy tales, and she even opens this season talking about fairy tales. It was always our intention to let Blair have a fairy tale, but the rose in a fairy tale still has thorns on it. Chuck may be—in last night’s episode—the thorns for that rose; but Blair is moving towards accepting that she can have a fairy tale.

I’m hearing a lot of, “If you go back to the beginning of the season, you’ll see that we did some stuff here.” Can we assume that as fans that if we went back to the first part of the season, we’d see the seeds planted that are going to come to fruition in the finale?
Absolutely, it is very, very much of a piece, this season. We just made that choice and stuck with it.

As for the finale, do you like to end things on cliffhangers? Do you like to tie things up in bows?
The next episode is actually a two-parter, episodes 21 and 22 [are one story and] take place in a little more than one night. And then there’s little bit more jumping ahead like we have in the past. There are definitely cliffhangers. I’m trying to think, do we tie stuff up in bows? Well, every bow has a string that someone can pull, some I’m not entirely sure if we tied up anything, but I feel like this year, more than ever before, the map of the next season will become very clear in the finale. So even when there are cliffhangers in this finale, they very much tell a story of where we are going, as opposed to shooting Chuck and not knowing if he’s alive.

In that two-part, what one scene or moment are you most excited for people to see?
There’s never one moment. You’re asking the wrong person, because I’m proud of and stand by every storylines, even the ones that people don’t love and the ones that don’t get accepted the way we hope they will. I have to stand by both “the good and the bad.” I really love both episode 21 and 22. Coming to the end of the season is always really fun for us, because we really do get to look back and tie things together…the only thing I’m sad about is that I wish they were airing on the same night, because I do think that 21 and 22—because they’re the first time we’ve ever done a two-parter—are really complementary. At the same time, I would love to just be an audience member watching, because 21 ends on a cliffhanger. Watching and waiting a whole week could be superfun; we don’t get that luxury because we know what’s going to happen. There’s lovely moments and thrilling moments in both parts, and I think it’s really going to feel like a ride. Last year’s finale felt like a descent into despair, because that’s what was happening with Chuck and Jenny (Taylor Momsen); this one feels more like a thrill ride with happy uplifting moments and happy scary moments, but not necessarily despair.

2 till bilder från 4.21!

2 till bilder till nästa avsnitt!

Ny bild från 4.20

En till bild på Chuck (Ed Westwick) har kommit ut från måndagens avsnitt!

Sneak Peak för 4.21

Sneak peak för nästa avsnitt har kommit ut! Cyrus är tillbaka haha jag har saknat den lilla mannen :P

Bilderna till 4.22!

Bilderna till sista avsnittet för säsongen har kommit ut! Nu får vi hålla tummarna för Chuck och Blair! :)

Rösta på Leighton för Best Villian!

Leighton har gått vidare till sista omgången för MTV movie Awards Best Villian! Hon är nominerad för sin roll som Rebecca i The Roommate så rösta! :)

För att rösta,klicka här! :)

4x22 Press Release "The Wrong Goodbye"

Handlingen till avsnitt 4.22 som är det sista för säsongen!

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“The Wrong Goodbye” (TV-14, S) (HDTV)

WILL BLAIR CHOOSE HER PRINCE OR HER DARK KNIGHT? — Season four wraps up with an explosive finale, including the return of Georgina Sparks (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg)and Constance Billard mean girls Kati and Is (guest stars Nan Zhang and Nicole Fiscella), a cameo
by “Gossip Girl” author Cecily von Ziegesar, a performance by Airborne Toxic Event and, oh yeah, a few very juicy cliffhangers. Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle star. Patrick Norris directed the episode written by executive producer Joshua Safran (#422).

Extende promo för 4.21 "Shattered Bass"

Nu har även den längre promon kommit ut! :D

Leighton på The MET gala

Igår var Leighton på The Met galan och var klädd såhär! =)

Promo för 4.21!

Promon för avsntt 21! Ni som har sett avsnitt 20 vad tyckte ni om det? :) Känns som att det här blir en riktigt spännande säsongsavslutning om två veckor!

1 Maj- Leighton ute i NY

Igår syndes Leighton i New York! :) Som jag har sagt tidigare älskar jag hennes stil!

Gossip girl ikväll avsnitt 15!

I kväll går avsnitt 15 på tv som kallas "it-girl happend one night" det går som vanligt kl 19.00 :)

Om ni inte vet så utspelas avsnittet på alla hjärtans dag.

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