5.10 Riding In Town Cars With Boys Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak med Serena och Louis från avsnitt 10!

Svar på kommentar

Fick en kommentar om hur långt uppehållet kommmer att vara efter nästa veckas avsnitt och jag kan säga att avsnitt 11 kommer visas den 16 Januari i USA :)

Senaste från Ausiello

Senaste spoiler från Ausiello!

Question: All I want for Christmas is… Dan and Blair. The last few episodes of Gossip Girl were rather light on those two. Anything good coming up on the “Dair” front in next week’s episode? —Alannah
Ausiello: Christmas has come early for you, Alannah: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dan and Blair are (drumroll, please) moving the frak in together! In Monday’s fall finale, Blair —uncertain about her future and plagued by the paparazzi — moves to Brooklyn and bunks with Dan! While there, she yearns for his… advice in helping her finally choose between Chuck and Louis.

5.10 Riding In Town Cars With Boys Kanadensiska promon

Här den kanadensiska promon för avsnitt 10!

5.10 Riding In Town Cars With Boys Promo

Promo för sista avsnittet före upphållet!
Jag säger som Nate OMG

Gossip girl avsnitt!

Här är länkar till avsnitt 9 som gick igår kväll!

Länk 1
Länk 2

Gossip girl ikväll

Ikväll på kanal 5 kl 18.00 går avsnitt 8!


Stora spoiler för kommande gossip girl avsnitt! Så läs på egen risk!

SPOILER ALERT! As Gossip Girlkeeps the over-the-top Blair Waldorf plotlines coming (Blair’s getting married! And having a baby!), Vulture has been wondering which of these story lines the show will actually see through. Like, could Blair really become a mother? We didn’t actually expect to get an answer to that question when we showed up to last weekend’s fête for the series’ 100th episode (which airs in January), but get one we did, when Margaret Colin (a.k.a. Eleanor Waldorf) let slip that she “had to show up to work to find out that, you know, that she lost the baby.” As if that weren’t confirmation enough, executive producer Joshua Safran gave a coy answer when pressed about Blair’s impending motherhood, saying that she’ll “maybe have a baby.” Guess we won’t be seeing a Chuck Bass Jr. or a Prince Louis running around anytime soon.

Spotify lista uppdaterad

Spotifylistan är uppdaterad med musik från det senaste avsnittet!
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Me and My Brother
Francisco The Man
Somebody I Used To Know Making Mirrors Gotye
Swell Window Ghostbird Zee Avi
The Bad in Each Other Metals Feist
Two Cousins Paradise Slow Club
Up Up Up In Light Givers

Nya spoiler från EW

Nya spoiler från Entertainment tonight!

Is there anything you can tell me about Dair? Such as, is Blair going to be revealing any of her own feelings anytime soon? — Anna
Well, if you ask Ms. Leighton Meester, Dair can’t happen fast enough. She told a gaggle or reporters at the Gossip Girl 100th episode party that as much as she enjoys the “ups and downs” of Chuck and Blair, she says, “I think time apart has helped them and helped them grow. It’s helped me grow, too. And I think the one relationship I’d love to see play-out is Blair and Dan, because selfishly I love working with Penn. We’ll see.” Indeed, we shall. And meanwhile, Penn Badgley thinks he’s got the situation figured out. “I think that Dan thinks they belong together, but I think she always belongs with Chuck. I think Dan is Blair’s soul mate, but Blair is not Dan’s soul mate,” he says. Tragic, I told him. “Well, Dan’s a little tragic himself.” To that end, I couldn’t let him go without asking if there was any happy times in Dan’s future (Dair-related or otherwise), considering he’s been so down in the dumps lately. “Not yet,” he said with a chuckle.

Hi Sandra! Hope you have a great time at the party. Can you also shed some light as to why Louis’ family weren’t seen when they were shooting the wedding? Can we hope that Louis will join them in wherever they are any time soon so we can finally get Chuck and Blair together? Thanks and give them all a hug from me! — Loanna
Sorry, I didn’t give out hugs. I’m pretty sure I would have been arrested. That said, I did relay this question to Roxane Mesquida, who plays Prince Louis’s sister, Beatrice. Sadly, she wasn’t allowed to say much, but she did reveal that Beatrice definitely makes it as far as the bachelorette party. “It was insane. They brought all of Blair’s friends from high school and those were my favorite episodes — the first and second seasons. It was like the old Gossip Girl,” she said. But what about those paparazzi pictures of Blair being cuffed? Mesquida says, “Oh, it’s not crazy, like bad crazy. It’s just a lot of fun.”

Anything on Dair would be amazing! — @Leener
This one comes from up high — EP Josh Safran, who basically spelled it out for us, while still cleverly keeping us in the dark. “The heart has the capacity to have feelings for more than one person at the same time. I feel like that’s where Blair’s going and she’s going to discover that,” he said. So, as you see, if we’re in the dark and this quote is any type of light source, it would be a birthday candle. Good enough for now?

Hi! I’m really warming up to Nate/Ivy, are these two going to hook up for real? — Isabel E.
If you haven’t checked out episode 2 of Spoiler Room: Video Edition, I suggest you do! The lovely Kaycee DeFer weighed in a bit on this issue.

5.09 Rhodes to Perdition preview

Här är previewn för nästa veckas avsnitt där Safran pratar om vad avsnittet handlar om. Man får även se lite nya scener så att vissa av ni vet som inte vill se några spoiler innan avsnittet :)

Latest from Kristin

Senaste spoilerna från Kristin!

Lisa: Thanks for all the Gossip Girl scoop! Any other tidbits from the 100th episode party?
Kaylee DeFer
(Ivy/Charlie) tells us: "I think Max desperately wants to expose Ivy. Whether or not he's successful, I don't know if he has the chops. But I think she's interested in Van Der Woodsens. She doesn't care much about Nate or Max. I think she is just more so all about the family than anything else at this point." When asked if she thinks Nate and Ivy would make a good couple, Kaylee tells us: "I think so. I think that she is kind of a hopeless romantic and he is in his sense as well. I think they'd be a great couple, plus I really would like to work with Chace. I love working with Chace, so I think that would be awesome."

Senaste från Ausiello

Senaste spoilers från Ausiello om Gossip girl!

Question: So you answered a Gossip Girl question a few weeks back saying they were doing a wee time jump (yes I’m Scottish) and I was wondering if you had any further details on that ? —Emma
Ausiello: Ah dinnae ken. (That’s Scottish for I don’t know.) But based on what I’m hearing about the fall finale on Dec. 5, don’t be surprised if the time warp happens then. “It [ends] you with a huge cliffhanger – perhaps our biggest cliffhanger ever,” exec producer Stephanie Savage told Matt Mitovich at the show’s 100th episode bash over the weekend. Added fellow EP Josh Safran: “It is both emotional and personal. It will have you wondering what happens next, for sure.”

Sneak Peak från 5.09

Sneak peak med Blair och Dorota från nästa veckas avsnitt!

Intervjuv från Gossip girl 100 episode party

Här är en kort intervjuv med Leighton från Gossip girl party i lördags vill ni se Blake,Chaces och Penns
intervjuver kan checka in här på eonline :)

5.09 Rhodes to Perdition kanadensiska promon

Här är den kanadensiska promon för nästa veckas avsnitt! :)

5.09 Rhodes to Perdition promo

Här är promon för nästa veckas avsnitt!

Länkar till avsnitt 5x08

Här är länkar till avsnitt 8!
Länk 1
Länk 2

5.08 All The Pretty Sources Sneak Peak

Ny sneak peak med Chuck och Dan från avsnittet som går i USA ikväll :)

Gossip girl ikväll

Ikväll går avsnitt 7 på tv kl 18.00 som vanligt på kanal 5! Missa inte det :)

Gossip Girl: 8 Things to Know About Episode 100 (aka Blair's Royally Iffy Wedding)

En till artikel från gårdagens 100 episode party! Kan tas som spoiler så ni vet :)

The well-heeled denizens of Gossip Girl occupied Wall Street — namely, Cipriani Club 55 — on Saturday night to fete the CW series’ 100th episode, airing Jan. 30. Seeing as the landmark hour centers around Blair’s wedding to Prince Louis, the cast was on strict orders to, ironically, not gossip about what happens, so “I can’t tell you” and “I’m not allowed to say” were frequent refrains. Even so, TVLine gleaned enough teasey tidbits to paint a provocative wedding picture….

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | It took some coaxing, but executive producer Josh Safran ultimately was too excited to share with us what he called ”the perfect title” for the 100th episode: “The title is ‘G.G.,’ as in the movie Gigi” — but spelled as in the show’s monogram. Nonetheless, I point you to Gigi‘s IMDb page should anyone wish to read into that name choice.


ARE WE IN FACT HEADING FOR A WEDDING? | “A wedding will take place in the episode,” exec producer Stephanie Savage promised. Upon noting my raised eyebrow, she added with an evil-ish chuckle, “But I didn’t say how much of the wedding.” Yeah, we’ll have more on that in a bit….

RUNAWAY RUMOR | The “tell-tale” photo (seen here) that made rounds last week and convinced (some) fans that Blair will bail on her big day? The producers were quick to note that the scene Leighton Meester shot could be but a dream.



DANCING WITH THE U.E.S.-ERS | Mark Piznarski, whose directing credits include Gossip Girl‘s pilot and Episode 100, teased that at the very start of the hour, “You’re going to see something that the cast has never done before.” Though he kept mum on details, Blake Lively later revealed to the press that on Friday, “We shot a big dance sequence.”


DAN & BLAIR | Turning to one of Blair’s non-royal romantic options, Penn Badgley told me that come wedding day, “Dan has a role to play that is not conventional” — and once viewers lay witness to what it is, “There will be a lot of gasping,” he reckons.


CHUCK & BLAIR | After waving me off somewhat, explaining, “I’ve got specific notes about what I’m allowed to say,” Ed Westwick did allow that “of course” there will be Chuck/Blair scenes in No. 100. When I relayed some readers’ wish that Chuck “ride up on a horse and whisk the bride away,” he shared, “I’ve actually been taking riding lessons … but no, it’s not going to happen. The horse part, that is.”



FATHER SCOOPS BEST! | Remember how Savage hinted above at a perhaps-waylaid wedding? To hear John Shea (aka the father of the bride) tell it, Blair at the very least gets to the altar. In describing the emotions he felt walking his TV daughter down the aisle, he said, “When you see her [in the dress], it sort of stops your breath. And then as we approach the altar, there’s the whole cast, everybody who’s been there for all these five years.” Oops?


HAPPILY EVER AFTER? | Previewing the episode, Meester herself said, “[Blair]‘s engaged to a prince, so what could be better than that? But then you realize that the fairytale isn’t 100-percent perfect.” So which gent does she think could offer a better chance at giving the would-be princess a happy ending? “Her and Chuck have had ups and down, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow — and weirdly helped me grow, too,” the actress offered. She then continued, “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan — just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!”


Gossip Girl' scoop: Bosses planning on another season. Plus, the cast teases big moments in 100th episode

Artikel som handlar om avsnitt 100 och att det kanske kommer bli en säsong till! :)

Spotted: The cast and crew of Gossip Girl partying it up at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York in honor of the show’s 100th episode, which airs Jan. 30. But fans also have reason to celebrate: While the show has yet to be officially picked up for another season, Gossip Girl executive producers told to EW just prior to the bash that they believe a sixth season is imminent — and are planning accordingly.

“We’ve had no one saying to us, ‘Wrap it up. This is the last season.’ So we’re not [treating the season finale] as such,” said EP Joshua Safran, hoping to quell some fans’ fears that their favorite teen drama would soon fall victim to dwingling ratings.

Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television, also offered up his vote of confidence. “I can’t really say at this point, but I would hope and expect that there would be at least another year — if not years–  to come.” Which is good news, considering executive producer Stephanie Savage said the finale would “absolutely” leave fans wanting to see the next season. (Translation: I’d place my bet on a cliffhanger.) “We see [the finale] as a continuing, developing story,” Safran said, adding that the writers have about 6 more episodes to pen. “At the same time, like every season, we plan to show the characters’ evolution and where we’re going to go with all the twists and turns that are about to happen. So there are no plans to wrap it up.”

More immediately, most of the night’s chatter related to the show’s big 100th episode that will center around Blair’s royal wedding to Prince Louis. But, as fans have been teased, there will definitely be more to this story.”I think it’s our biggest episode since the pilot,” says Safran. “I feel like if you’re a fan of the show and you’ve been watching from the beginning, you’re going to feel rewarded. But I also feel like if you’re tuning in after a long time, I think you may feel like you’ve missed a lot, but we really try to hit on everything that’s happened since [early on]. I’m very proud of it.”

Meanwhile, Blake Lively told reporters that the cast just finished filming a big dance sequence in which ” we were all dressed as people who are not ourselves.” Matthew Settle confirmed “wedding crasher” Georgina would cause “epic” trouble. And 100th episode director Mark Piznarski, who also directed the pilot, admitted there were some moments in the episode that “brought tears to my eyes.” “To see our kids — I do still refer to them as ‘my kids’ — going through something [difficult],  that, as a parent, is a very emotional thing. So this episode is terrific.”

Beyond that, the cast was mostly sworn to secrecy about the specific ongoings and, naturally, couldn’t answer key questions that have been swirling the interwebs. (Will Blair actually marry Louis? What of the royal baby?) But Ed Westwick did have a small nugget for fans of Chuck and Blair, saying — without specifics — that they will likely find themselves pleased by the end of the hour. “It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans…but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure,” he said.

Gossip girl episode 100 party!

Igår hade Gossip girl ordnat en fest för att fira det 100 avsnittet!
Självklart vara alla skådespelarna där och så här såg dem ut! :)

5.08 All The Pretty Sources Preview

Preview för nästa veckas avsnitt! :)

5.10 Riding In Town Cars With Boys Press realese

Här är handlingen till avsnitt 10 som går i december!

LILY INTRODUCES CHARLIE TO NEW YORK SOCIETY — Lily (Kelly Rutherford) throws Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) a party to officially introduce her to New York society. Meanwhile, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend, Max (guest star. Brian J. Smith), throws a wrench into Charlie’s future as an Upper East Side princess. Dan (Penn Badgley) decides it may be time to tell Blair (Leighton Meester) the truth about his feelings for her. Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick and Matthew Settle also star. Vince Misiano directed the episode written by Amanda Lasher.

5.08 All The Pretty Sources Sneak Peak

Sneak peak för nästa veckas avsnitt!

Chuck and Blair

Ett Chuck och Blair klipp genom det 4 åren som serien har funnits!

Video från 14 novermber

Video från inspelningarna med Leighton den 14 november då hon springer i sin bröllopsklänning

Senaste från Ausiello

Senaste spoilerna från Ausiello från Gossip girl!

Question: I’m dying for new a new Gossip Girl spoiler. Please tell me something good about Chuck and Blair! —Tina
Ausiello: You do not want to miss the show’s fall finale on Dec. 5. Trust me. When I spoke to EP Josh Safran a few weeks back, he described the hour as “a tense one” — and man, he wasn’t kidding. (Speaking of GG, did you see this?!)

Spotify lista uppdaterad

Spotifylistan är uppdaterad med musik från senaste avsnittet!

Black Hills Gardens & Villa Gardens & Villa
Haunted Heart Homewrecker Little Hurricane
Shells of Silver Controlling Your Allegiance The Japanese Popstars
Some Boys Family of Love - EP Dom Feat. Emma

Bilder till avsnitt 5.10 " Riding in town cars with boys"

Här är bilderna till avsnitt 10 som kommer om jag inte minns fel det sista före jullovet!
Avsnittet heter "Riding in town cars with boys".

Gossip girl inspelningarna!!|| 14 November

Leighton spelade in scener igår kväll utan för hotellet St.Regis springande där ifrån och inget mindre än bröllopsklänningen! Vi får hoppas att det är en runaway bride!

Kanadensiska promon för 5x08 "All the Pretty Sources"

Här är den kanadensiska promon för nästa veckas avsnitt!
Verkar bli ett kul avsnitt :)

Promo för 5x08 "All the Pretty Sources"

Promo för nästa veckas avsnitt!

Länkar till avsnitt 5x07!

Här är direktlänkar till avsnitt 7 av gossip girl! Enjoy!
Länk 1
Länk 2
Länk 3
Länk 4

5x07 preview

Preview där Safran pratar om kvällens avsnitt och man får se lite snuttar från avsnittet!

Gossip girl ikväll

Sverige har kommit ikapp usas takt nu då avsnitt 6 som visades i USA i måndags visas ikväll på kanal 5 kl 18.00!
Här är trailern för avsnittet! och jag kan säga för er som inte har sett avsnittet det sista minuterna är så jäkla bra!!

Spoiler från EW

Här är det senaste spoilerna från EW om nästa avsnitt!

From the promo it looks like Chuck & Blair will kiss next week on Gossip Girl. I’m so excited. Details please. — @wrightst3
Fact: It happens at Sleep No More. Fact: It’s probably not what you’re thinking. (But the Canadian promo is pretty helpful.) Fact: There’s a scheme involved… possibly multiple schemes. And there’s an accomplice involved. Opinion: No one kisses like these two.

Sandra! We Gossip Girl fans, can always count on you for some good spoilers! Let’s not break the tradition! Anything CHAIR? — @nina_lux
Next week, you’ll understand just how well Chuck’s therapy has been working. And yes, the answer has to do with Blair.

Inspelningarna 10/11

Här är bilder på Leighton när hon gick till inspelningarna av Gossip girl igår.
Det spelade även in i kyrkan till bröllopet igår!

Här kan ni kolla bilder på fler bilder på det andra skådespelarna.

Handling för 5x09

Handlingen för avsnitt 9!

EPISODE DIRECTED BY ANDREW MCCARTHY — Lily (Kelly Rutherford), Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) and Serena (Blake Lively) eagerly anticipate the Studio 54 party being thrown in CeCe’s (guest star Caroline Lagerfelt) honor. Nate (Chace Crawford) takes on a new role at the Spectator, but his first big story turns out to be about someone he knows all too well. Blair (Leighton Meester) turns to an unlikely person for help. Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Matthew Settle also star. Andrew McCarthy directed the episode written by Natalie Krinsky (#509).

Inspelningarna || 9/11

Här är bilder på Leighton på väg till inspelningarna av gossip girl idag! Jag kan avslöja att idag har det spelat in bröllopet så ni får se en bild på Georgina i sin utstryrsel,vilket är den enda bilden med någon skådespelare i karaktär hittils. Det har även sagts att Ed har synts till på inspelningarna. :)

Spoiler från Ausiello!

Nya spoiler från Ausiello till kommande avsnitt!

Question: When will we find out definitively who the father of Blair’s baby is on Gossip Girl? We still haven’t seen the paternity test. —Sarah
Ausiello: Exec producer Josh Safran tells me an answer — and a “cemented” one at that — is coming in the next couple of episodes, adding, “We definitely understand and expect people to still be wondering.”



Question: All this “Chair” regression is making me yawn. Can you offer us “Dair” fans any hope? —Elle
Ausiello: How about I offer you this tip instead: Be patient! Safran explains that a decision was made this season to “slow down the character connections to the point where it’s a little more realistic and maybe not as heightened” — and that includes Dan and Blair. “As the characters age, [they're] not necessarily jumping into things,” he adds. “Dan and Blair, of course, continue to be in each other’s lives. And this story is definitely continuing between Chuck, Dan, Blair and Louis.”

Question: OK, I have a burning question: WTF is up with the photo making the rounds of Gossip Girl‘s Blair getting arrested with a joint and tiara in hand? —Becca
Ausiello: Two things to keep in mind: The show has been shooting episodes out of order this season. And there’s a time jump coming up. That’s all I’ll say.

Spotifylista uppdaterad!

Spotifylistan är uppdaterad med musik från avsnitt 6 och den här gången så finns alla låtar med i listan :)

Lyssna här

Go Outside Cults Cults
On We Go Awwww, Schucks The Uglysuit
Titanium (feat. Sia) Nothing But the Beat David Guetta & Sia
True Love Pala Friendly Fires
Video Games Video Games - EP Lana Del Rey
Violet Eyes A Thousand Voices - EP My Gold Mask

Children of Men på tv 4!

På fredag kl 03.00 på natten mellan den 11-12 november går filmen Children of Men på tv! och Ed har en liten roll i filmen. Vet inte hur stor men i allafall! Är det någon som har sett den? Man kan ju alltid spela in den och kolla på den senare om man är sugen på att kolla in den!

Alltså kl 03.00 12 november på kanal 4! :)


Fick en kommentar av en tjej som hade sett filmen och hon skrev såhär:

"Det är en väldigt liten roll, han är med max några minuter. Och filmen är dålig förövrigt."

Så nu kanske många kan lättare välja om det vill se filmen eller inte ;)

Kanadensiska promon för 5x07!

Här är den kanadensiska promon för avsnitt 7 som visas nästa vecka!

Promo för 5.07 " The Big Sleep No More"

Här är promon för nästa veckas avsnitt!

WIIE Chuck och Blair! :D

Länkar till avsnitt 5x06 !

Lite sent men här är länkarna till avsnitt 6 i allafall! :)




Stills 5x09 "Rhodes to Perdition"

Bilderna till avsnitt 9 har kommit ut! Avsnittet heter "Rhodes to Perdition" och är det näst sista för hösten. Gossip girl kommer tillbaka med avsnitt 11 den 16 januari.




Video från J.Edgar premiären

Här är ett videoklipp med Ed från premiären av J.Edgar förra veckan.

5.08 press realese "All The Pretty Sources"

Handlingen för avsnitt 8 som heter "All The Pretty Sources"!

SERENA PLANS A DREAM BRIDAL SHOWER FOR BLAIR — Serena (Blake Lively) is hard at work planning a dream bridal shower for Blair (Leighton Meester), but it should come as no surprise that Serena has to plant some false information about the shower in order to keep Blair from finding out all the details. Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Dan (Penn Badgley) decide to spend the day together to distract themselves from the fact that they didn’t make the invite list for Blair’s shower. Nate (Chace Crawford) and Serena find a silver bullet in Diana’s (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) war against Gossip Girl, but struggle about whether to use it or not. Kaylee DeFer, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Cherie Nowlan directed the episode written by Austin Winsberg (#508).

Stills 5x08 "All The Pretty Sources"

Preview för 5x06 "I am number nine"

Här är preview för nästa veckas avsnitt! Safran pratar lite om handlingen och vi får se nya klipp :)

J.Edgar premiär i LA || 3 November

Igår var Ed på premiären av J.Edgar i LA! Filmen har premiär den 11 November på biograferna i USA och i sverige den 20 Januari 2012 :)

Press realese för 5.07 " The Big Sleep No More"

Handling för avsnitt 7 som går den 14 November i USA.

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) “The Big Sleep No More” (TV-) (HDTV) GOSSIP GIRL FILMS AT THE MUCH-TALKED-ABOUT THEATER EXPERIENCE “SLEEP NO MORE” — Several of our favorite Upper East Siders attend a performance of Punchdrunk’s provocative theater experience, “Sleep No More,” which translates to masks, anonymity and some surprising romantic twists by the end of the evening. Meanwhile, Diana (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) sets her sights on Serena (Blake Lively) in her quest to ruin Gossip Girl. Dan (Penn Badgley) is out on his book tour, but things aren’t exactly as they appear to his friends and family. Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Kaylee DeFer, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Andy Wolk directed the episode written by Dan Steele (#507).

Spoiler från Tvline

Spoiler från Tvline om avsnitt nr 100 och en kommande kyss!

Question: OK, stop teasing and start spilling: What will Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode be about? —DianeAusiello: To quote a certain song from the seminal 1984 comedy classic The Muppets Take Manhattan, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody’s getting, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody’s getting marrrrieeeed — and that someone is Blair. And the groom? Why it’s none other than Prince Louis. “The big event in the 100th episode is Blair’s wedding,” confirms exec producer Josh Safran, adding that the royal nups will be “big and lavish and twist and juicy.” The milestone hour will also reward longtime fans in that it will include “a lot of callbacks and echoes to the pilot. It was important for me to pay homage and respect [to our first episode]. There are a lot of Easter eggs. I think it’s going to be really beautiful.”


Question: Any scoop on Blair’s royal wedding on Gossip Girl? —CarrieAusiello: Safran says the 100th episode is as much about Blair as it is Serena. “The central relationship has always been the two of them,” says Safran. “Blair’s getting married and her best friend is her maid of honor — that’s a core dynamic we’re playing with.”


Question: I need to know more about the Gossip Girl kiss that awaits Blair. Is it followed by a clap, slap, or snap? And while you’re at it, how about a hint about whom she’ll be kissing? —EmilyAusiello: I’m definitely not spoiling whom she kisses. You’ll have to watch the Sleep No More-themed Nov. 14 episode for that reveal. I will, however, confirm that the smooch is followed by a slap.


Ed i Garage magazine

Ed pryder framsidan av tidningen Garage och en ny bild på honom i tidningen!

Sneak peak för 4x06

Sneak Peak för nästa veckas avsnitt! haha älskar Blair


Timebomb promo

Ny promo för måndagens avsnitt!

GG inspelningarna 1/11

Här är fyra bilder på Ed och Leighton på väg till inspelningarna av gossip girl den 1 november vilket var i tisdags.

GG inspelningarna 31/10

Bilder från inspelningarna av Gossip girl i måndags den 31 oktober!

Georgina Sparks kommer tillbaka!

I det 100 avsnittet så kommer Georgina Sparks komma tillbaka och så här skriver Tvline.

A holy terror alert has been issued for New York’s Upper East Side, and here’s why: Georgina Sparks is headed back to town!

Gossip Girl exec producer Josh Safran confirms to TVLine exclusively that professional pot-stirrer Michelle Trachtenberg is returning to the show for a sizeable arc.

And far be it from her to slip in quietly in the night, Georgina’s reentry has been timed for maximum impact.

“Her first episode back is our 100th episode,” Safran reveals of the show’s milestone outing, which is set to air in early 2012. “Her arc is unlike anything that she has done before on the show. Of course, she still is Georgina and all that implies, it’s just taking that in a new direction.”

When last seen in the Season 4 finale, the now-married mother of one — bored to death by domestic life — returned to the UES looking for some trouble. What she found was an unlikely kindred spirit in interloper Charlie. (Ms. Sparks skedaddled shortly after discovering Charlie’s Big Secret, which is sure to make their reunion a tense one.)

But wait, there’s more: The sixth coming of Georgina promises to take on added dramatic effect when you learn what Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode revolves around — a burning question I will be answering this evening in the Nov. 1 edition of Ask Ausiello.

Hint: It’s a doozy.

Spoiler från Kristin

Nu e jag tillbaka och här kommer allt som jag har missat! Vi börjar med en spoiler från Kristin

Jackie: Got any Gossip Girl goodies for us?
As you can see in the photo, Blair (Leighton Meester) gets into a bit of trouble at her bachelorette party after seemingly joking around with a cop. Yeah, not one of her best ideas. We’re hearing both Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Dan (Penn Badgley) are on the scene to try and help Queen B, but she’s still arrested anyway. We smell major drama! And it smells freaking delicious.

Breathe Easy |Chuck and Blair

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