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Finner inga ord för hur fin jag tycker att Blake Lively var!

Best of Blake Lively



"I looked up the definition of savage. It means cruel, crippled, regressed back to a primal state of being. One day, maybe, we'll be back.
For now, we live like savages... beautiful, savages.

Har någon av er sett Blake Livelys senaste film Savages? Jag såg den på bio och älskade den!

Masquerade Ball

The Non-Judging Breakfast Club. 1x06 - The Handmaiden's Tale

Chuck and Serena

Haha. Detta är verkligen Chuck Bass som vi alla älskar! Gillar verkligen Chuck och Serena scener :)

Blair being.. Blair!

1x14 Haha. Underbart Blerena moment! Blair i sitt esse, typisk säsong 1 kommentar ;) Love it!

Top 10 outfits

Eric Damon (Gossip Girl's stylist) har avslöjat sina top 10 outfits genom tiderna. Till varje outfit har han även berättat och avslöjat en del grejer, t.ex på the White Party i säsong 2 skulle Serena ha en kostym liknade outfit, men det ändrades i sista minut (läs varför under den bilden). 


"Can anyone say GG: Greek Goddess! S's dress Oscar De La Renta was actually a last minute fashion disaster diversion," Daman reveals. "Ms. Serena was supposed to wear a very sexy, menswear inspired tuxedo to the White Party (Backless vest and wide pant).  The vest was originally a bright white (a no-no for hi def TV!), so we innocently had it dyed down a bit, but it came back two sizes smaller! We we're fitting Blake on our truck the a.m. of the shoot and it just wasn't working…luckily this gorg gown was just hanging out and poof with a belt in her hair she was the belle of the ball! P.S. Nate 




"Bart and Lily decided on a Garden Party themed wedding and this Ralph Lauren was picture perfect for S's trip down the aisle. The soft yellow color and discreet floral pattern whispered as she walked and the tiered skirt rippled in the spring breeze. S was a walking life size Lily, her fashion sense never to be out done, even on her mother's 8th wedding day! (The black accessories a dark prelude of things to come for our newlyweds?)"




"Work the runway! Serena in all her golden girl glory takes on the socialite runway trend as she saunters for B's mom, the lovely and talented Eleanor Waldorf!  But scandyshe is actually is in a dress designed by Lil' J (i.e. me, the ghost designer behind Lil' J designs!) This was a lot of fun for me since we don't have time to actually build many pieces on episodic TV," Daman explains. "The emerald green was taken from the original Eleanor designs and looked flawless against S's shimmering skin. The sweetheart bodice and draped bubble skirt were meant to combine whimsy and couture. One of my faves!"




"Who else can pull off one of a kind Couture as day looks, all while nibbling macaroons and having the time of their lives?! S and B, of course," Daman says of the girls' looks in the Paris episode. "Serena is GG2.0 in her George Chakra hand beaded cage dress (Totally day time a propos when worn with Repetto flats, Rag & Bone Blazer and boater)! Blair is Parisian heaven: A fluffy fashionable macaroon herself in a Bardot inspired look, mixing n' matching Moschino fruit, Chanel cuffs and provincial beret! J'adore!"




"Our favorite frenemies shopping Chanel in Paris! They were actually more like besties in this scene, so I wanted their color palettes to play into that: Matching soft cosmetic neutral tones with saturated personal hints, like Serena's turquoise Suzan Galani necklace and Blair's Orange Nancy Gonzalez croc bag.  Loving the masculine inspired Suno pink pants on S, a total nod to Mlle Chanel!"




"I wanted our girls to seem like superhero versions of themselves, beamed from planet GG to save Paris, Blair's relationship with Chuck and shock the French with their taste for couture! S's Gold Pucci sequin jacket and blue Tibi pants give her a modern day Wonder Woman allure as she rushes to alert B that Chuck is ALIVE! B dazzles in an Oscar de la Renta gown that was heaven as she crosses the dark seedy train station to say au revoir to her beloved Bass."




"Serena flutters through Fashion's Night Out and this TDF (to die for) Jenny Packham blown up butterfly print gown is ideal for stomping about the Meatpacking District and faux catfighting with her best frenemie! As our first Vogue sponsored event, I really wanted S to make a hi-fash impression. Insider info: Blake actually emailed me the runway shot of the gown at the top of the season and was like "Isn't it perfect for S!" And she was right!"




"Who needs accessories when you have an amazing Couture cut out tuxedo by Maxime Simoens?! Serena is no nonsense in this episode, so I wanted her formal wear to be fierce, severe, and traffic-stopping," Daman explains. " New York Magazine actually called me the inventor of the "Cleavage Rhombus" for this inspired couture creation."



"Opening night of the ballet at Lincoln Center is a very hot NYC ticket and so is Serena!" Daman gushes. "Breathtaking by the fountain, I wanted our gang to embrace a soft Degas inspired palette. This Couture Zuhir Murad fit the bill!  To give the dress an airier feel and show off S's killer gams, we actually shortened the grey under skirt (which was floor length) to a mini!"



"G.G.," SEASON 5

The CW hit series' celebrated costume designer Eric Daman reveals his favorite looks that he's so stylishly pulled together during the show's six-year run:

"Diamonds are a girls BF,  but confidenceis a girl's best accessory! For this musical dream sequence, Serena's wearing at least five necklaces and as many bracelets as you can count. We built the dress from the pink gown her mom wore during house arrest!"







Blake på sin High School prom


Gossip Girl framflyttat en vecka

Gossip Girl blir framflyttat en vecka så nästa avsnitt 6x04 kommer alltså på tisdag natt nästa vecka. Allt detta på grund av stormen Sandy.
Jag har lite mer att säga, detta gäller inte alla, men några. Jag accepterar inte reklam i chatten, utan är du intresserad av länkbyte eller liknade skriv en kommentar eller mejla mig till Tar du information eller bilder från bloggen, länka då. Jag uppskattar om ni säger till också. Som sagt äger jag inte allt matriel, men det är ändå här ifrån ni tar informationen. Tack på för hand.

What do you think about Blake and Ryan?

Vad tycker ni om om att Blake Lively har gift sig med Ryan Reynolds? Passar de inte alls? Gick de alldeles för fort fram? Eller kanske tycker du att de är jättesöta tillsammans?

Teorier om säsong 6!

Jag och min kompis pratade lite om säsong 6, efter att ha sett promos och bilder, och vi tror att det skulle kunna ligga till så här:
  • Serena har åkt iväg (finalen i S5 fick vi se henne åka iväg med ett tåg och dessutom ta droger), hon har blivit gamla Serena igen. 
  • I promon fick se henne i ett väldigt dåligt skick, antagligen har någon hjälp henne efter det och tagit hand om henne.
  • Hon har träffat en kille och ljugit om sin identitet
  • Det är Serena som ska gifta sig med denne kille. Av någon anledning får de andra (Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan & Georgina) nys om det och kommer dit och försöker stoppa det.
Vad tror ni, kan något av det stämma? Just det, ni hittar promosen i menyn under "Promos och Sneak Peeks"

Följ Blake Lively på Twitter!

Blake Lively har nu skaffat Twitter! Hon heter alltså BlakeLivelyRey där, antar att Rey är för Reynolds. (Bilden är från Instagram)

Blake i Allure (Oktober).

Video om Blakes bröllop, framtida barn och vad andra kändisar har om säga om de ny gifta paret!


Blake och Ryan har gift sig!!!


"Det här hade vi INTE väntat oss! Eller okej, inte den här helgen i alla fall! I söndags kväll gifte sig Blake Lively och Ryan Reynolds i Boone Hall-plantagen i South Carolina, utanför Charlestown. Den superhemliga ceremonin hölls i ett vitt tält på plantagen och Florence and the Machine uppträdde under kvällen, men ännu har inte deras talespersoner sagt ett ord om vigseln. Det här är Blakes första bröllop och Ryans andra, eftersom han var gift med Scarlett Johansson tidigare. Vi önskar dem all lycka till i framtiden, och vi kan knappt vänta på att få se bilderna! (people)" - Posh24.
Detta kommer som en chock, men jag är nästan säker på att de stämmer eftersom de står på andra hemsidor också, som och Vi kan inte göra mer än att gratta dom båda! :D

Första still bilden från säsong 6 avsnitt 1 och info om avsnittet


PREVIOUSLY ON… | Blair tracked Chuck down in Monte Carlo in the hopes of reconciling, a broken Serena left town in a haze of sex and drugs, Nate asked Lola to move in with him and Rufus and Lily went their separate ways.

COMING UP NEXT | After a brief opening act to tie up some of the loose ends from last May’s cliffhanger, the show’s final 10-episode season jumps forward four months and promptly launches into a new mystery. “Serena is missing,” reveals exec producer Stephanie Savage. “No one has heard from her, not even Gossip Girl. She’s truly off the map. So the gang has to get together to try and find her.” S eventually resurfaces on the arm of a new, more mature beau, played by 7th Heaven vet Barry Watson. “He lets Serena be herself,” notes Savage, “which is something that she really needs right now.” Blair, meanwhile, finally realizes she needs Chuck — and vice versa. “They now understand what it would mean for them to be together,” says exec producer Sara Goodman, adding that they first have to figure out “what they need as separate people” before they can fully commit. The main theme of the season is “adulthood,” says Savage. “High school is long in the past and they’re thinking about who they want to be and how they want to be.”

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Although she won’t technically be a series regular, Michelle Trachtenberg will have a bigger presence as Georgina than in any previous season.

RETURN DATE | Monday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c (The CW)

(Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular)



Så säger Lively om att lämna Gossip Girl:

On Leaving Her Gossip Girl Character Behind – “It’s been such a huge part of my career and also my life. I’ve spent my whole adult life on that show, I moved out of my parents’ house to New York and having been shooting that show for 10 months a year, five days a week, 15 hours a day – it’s been my world. Knowing it’s the end, we’re all taking the time with each other to enjoy the moments and appreciate it – to reflect. We’ve literally become each other’s everything – each other’s family, each other’s friends, each other’s support systems. So it’s going to be a shock.”


En längre version av Blakes Gucci reklam.


1 september - Blake på Gucci preimären i Venedig.


Blake i Venedig.

Blake la upp denna bilden från Film Festivalen i Venedig på hennes instagram, @iamblakelively.


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