Mer från the roommate

Nytt The roommate klipp och intervjuv :)

Dagens citat

Hehe kollade på det här avsnittet idag så det fick bli ett citat från det idag :P

Blair: Hurry! There's a Bass on the loose and its hungry. Actually. grabs a macaroon. So am I

Leighton på LAX

Igår syndes Leighton på LAX flygplatsen och ville inte vara med på bild. Vilket man kan ju förstå när dom nästa är i ansiktet på en.

The roommate press junket

Intervjuv med Leighton från en pressjunket om The roommate :)

The roommate clip

Två stycken klipp från the roommate och 3 st tv spots! :)

ÅÅ jag vill verkligen se den här filmen!!

Fick en kommentar om när the roommate kommer komma ut och tyvärr så har inte SF snappat upp på att visa den i sverige än. Men den kommer ut i USA 4 februari!

Leighton behind the scens från Nylon photoshoot

Här är från behind the scens från Leightons NYLON photoshoot! :)

Handling för avsnitt 4.14

Här är handlingen för avsnitt 4.14!

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Panic Roommate” (TV-14, D) (HDTV)

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE PERFORMS / ANDREW MCCARTHY DIRECTS -- Blair (Leighton Meester) enlists Nate’s (Chace Crawford) help to win over her high-strung boss, Epperly (guest star Caitlin Fitzgerald), at W Magazine. Damien (guest star Kevin Zegers) stirs up more drama on the Upper East Side. Chuck (Ed Westwick) finds himself torn between business and pleasure. Florence and the Machine performs an acoustic version of “Cosmic Love.” Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Andrew McCarthy directed the episode written by Jake Coburn (##414).

4.19 kommer att heta..

Namnet för avsnitt 4.19 är "Pretty in Pink"

GG inspelningar 27 januari!

Igår syndes Leighton och Ed på inspelningarna av gossip girl med Blake och Penn. Både Leighton och Ed hade röda matchande stövlar när dom fick traska igenom snön :P

fler bilder till 4.14

Två till bilder från avsnitt 4.14 Panic roommate!

Ny Chalet Girl poster

Hittade en ny Chalet Girl poster! Ska se om jag hittar den i lite större storlek :)

Fler bilder från The roommate

Har kommit ut fler bilder på Leighton från hennes nya film The roommate i bra kvalité! :)

4.13 preview

Här är en preview för nästa avsnitt! Savage och Safran pratar om vad nästa avsnitt ska handla om.

Längre promo för 4.13

Här är den längre promon till nästa avsnitt!

Leighton på LAX

Igår syndes Leighton till på LAX då hon skulle åka tillbax till New York.

Intervjuv från The roommate premiär

Här är en intervjuv popsugar gjorde med Leighton och Minka på The roommate premiären i LA :)

4.14 "Panic Roommate" stills

Bilderna för avsnitt 14 som heter Panic Roommate! :)

Stephenie pratar om Chuck och Blair plot

Stephenine Savage berättar om Chuck och Blairs plot.

Gossip Girl’s executive producer Stephanie Savage has defended the decision to break up Chuck and Blair.

Earlier this season, the duo decided that they should remain as friends rather than pursue a relationship.

“Overall, I think that we felt like that was the natural evolution of Chuck and Blair’s relationship and something that we wanted to see happen to the characters,” Savage told Zap2It.

“I think it’s frustrating fans who just want them to be together and be happy, but we have to save the finish line for the finish line.”

Savage also revealed that fans have been “pretty divided” about a possible romance between Blair and Dan.

“There’s certainly a huge Chuck and Blair fanbase who really don’t like seeing them with anybody else,” she said. “Then there are also the people who are like, ‘I always liked their scenes together and I loved the last episode [before Christmas] and I look forward to seeing more of them’.

“There’s also a Nate and Blair fanbase. There’s a fanbase for everybody. There’s a Serena and Dan fanbase and people who don’t want to see any more problems there. They can also see that this is going to cause problems between Serena and Blair and that’s the heart of the show.”

Gossip Girl continues on Mondays at 9/8c on The CW in the US. The show returns on February 2 at 8pm on ITV2 in the UK.


Promo för 4.13

Här är USAs nästa veckas promo och kanadensiska :)

Nylonbilder + del av intervjuv

Nylon har lagt ut på deras hemsida en  del av intervjuvn som kommer finnas i februari tidningen + lite fler bilder :)



"I'm a grown woman and sometimes I might be a little bit fat!"

Thanks to her magnetic screen presence and weekly must-watch TV show, it's never been hard to watch Leighton Meester.  But thanks to two back-to-back movies - Country Strong, out now, and The Roommate, premiering February 4 - the Florida native has quickly catapulted from TV star to Hollywood's new hot property.

She's also our February cover girl - after all, it is The Love Month, and we're totally head-over-heels for this New York-based actress.

Leighton Meester on Blair Waldorf:
Blair is.... I don't know what she is... I have to enter a completely foreign body to sympathize with Blair and her decisions.  You know, Blair grew up very savvy, well-educated, and lonely.  I think her mother is not the most supportive person and... Blair is very competitive and conniving, and it obviously comes, usually, from a very human place, but she makes decisions that I would never make.

Leighton Meester on her Country Strong character, Chiles Stanton:
She is so scared of people thinking of her as this ignorant, vapid, pretty face, and you know, I can totally understand where she's coming from because, especially if you come from Dallas Texas, you're a beauty queen - you don't play the guitar, you're writing seemingly meaningless pop songs.  All that I can relate to, totally.  It's sad and sweet at the same time."

Minka Kelly on Leighton Meester during the filming of The Roommate:
She worked with psychologists; she really studied the illness of the character, so much that at times on set i was a little concerned whether or not she was there because she scared me so much!  The look in her eye was so surreal I was in awe at how much she committed to it.

Leighton Meester on Her Family and Friends:
I like to be judged by my family and friends because they know me.  If they think I'm being an asshole I'd like them to tell me, but if I'm fat or something I'm like, "Well, so?  OK?  Great!"  It doesn't even matter; it's like, "What if I am fat? Does it matter?"... I'm a grown woman and sometimes, I might be a little fat, you know!  Am I alone there?  Not really!

behind the scens från Chalet Girl

Ett klipp från behind the scens från Chalet Girl ed i med i slutet som om ni inte vill kolla på allt så kan ni börja kolla vid ca 2.21 :)

The roommate premiär

Igår hade The roommate sin premiär i LA och självklart var ju Leighton där hon hade på sig en Michael Kors klänning från the pre-fall 2011 collection, Brian Atwood skor och Harry Winston örhängen.

Scans från Seventeen

Bilderna + intervjuv från Seventeen tidningen med Leighton som hon pryder nästa månads tidning av :)

Scans från glamour italien

Här bilder+text från italienska glamour med Leighton!
Ni som kan italienska kan ju läsa intervjuvn ;)

Safran och Savage pratar “The Kids Are Not All Right”

Dom pratar om lite vad nästa avsnitt kommer handla om :)

En till säsong av GOSSIP GIRL!!(troligen)

Enligt den här hemsidan är det nu ett rykte att det kommer bli en till säsong av Gossip girl! :D Hur glada vi blir inte vi av det!

Såhär skriver hemsidan:

An insider close to the CW network tells The Voice of TV exclusively that the network will bring back hit series 90210, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries for another season.

No word yet on America’s Next Top Model, Hellcats, Nikita and Supernatural but the insider did say the network won’t renew Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill and Smallville for another season.

Don’t expect an official announcement from the network about the cancellations until May, though you can expect one with early renewals for a few shows in the next few months.

Medans en annan hemsida skriver såhär:

It’s official! Gossip Girl will be back next year for its 5th season. I guess this means Dorufus and Nily, right? Hollaaaaaaaaaaa! Stephanie Savage DID say that we shouldn’t rule any couple out. Boom Chicka Wah Wah…that’s what I’m talking about.

Så vad tror ni? Det lutar vell ändå mot en till säsong enligt dom här texterna :)

The Best Tv couples all time

Tv Guide har valt fram dom bästa tv-paren under hela tv tidens existens och bland dom 26st hittar vi inget mindre par än Chuck och Blair såhär skriver hemsidan:

Chuck and Blair (Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester), Gossip Girl

No two people deserve each other more than the scheming and vindictive Chuck and Blair. Together, you don’t want them on your bad side, but somehow when these two are a couple, they bring out the best in each other.


The roommate intervjuv med Leighton och Minka

Här en intervjuv med först Leighton och sen Minka om deras kommande film the roommate som kommer ut den 4 februari i USA :)

Bilder från Nylon photoshoot

Har nu hittat bilder från Leightons NYLON photoshoot! Så här kommer dom :)

Leighton behind the scens från Glamour Italia photoshoot

Leighton är verkligen en riktig covergirl av nästa månads tidningar. Hon pryder framsidan av Seventeen,Nylon Korea, Nylon UK, GLAMOUR Spain (tror hon pryder framsidan) och även GLAMOUR Italia! Så här är ett behind the scens klipp från henne photoshoot med Gamlour italia och framsidan till tidningen!: :)

(ska leta efter bättre kvalité på bilden)

On the cover of NYLON UK

Leighton pryder även framsidan av engelska NYLON nästa månad oxå! Bilden är från samma photoshoot som den med NYLON korea på framsidan men bilden är helt ny för oss :)

Glamour Spain photoshoot

Leighton har gjort en ny photoshoot med tidningen Glamour Spain som jag skrev om i förra inlägget och här är bilderna! Så vackra bilder!

Leighton behind the scens från Glamour Spain photoshoot

Leighton har gjort en photoshoot för tidningen Galmour Spain  och här är ett klipp från photoshooten :)

Ny roommate poster

Har kommit ut en ny The roommate poster med Leighton på.

Roommate klipp

Nytt klipp har kommit ut till Leightons kommande film the roommate :)

Leighton uppdragen på Prince konsert

Såhär skriver JustJared om händelsen :)

Leighton Meester får serenaded av den legendariske prinsen under hans utsålda konsert i New York Ctiy Madison Square Garden på tisdag kväll (januari 18).

Den 24-årige Gossip Girl babe satt front row konserten när prins drog henne upp på scenen och sjöng "
I Love You But I Don’t Trust You Anymore" till henne.

"Leighton såg ut som hon skulle spontant förbränna", en konsert goer berättade "Hon log och skrattade hela tiden Prince sjöng för henne på scenen."

Andra kändisar placering front och center som var Leightons co-star Ed Westwick, Madonna, Casey Affleck, Questlove, Spike Lee, Mos Def, Brian McKnight, Kalle och Melania Trump.

FYI: Leighton är klädd i en söt Azzedine Alaia tröja.



Sneak Peak för 4.12

En sneak peak till nästa avsnitt har kommit ut med Chuck,Serena och Dan :)

Leighton på NYLON korea

Leighton pryder framsidan av Nylon korea februaris tidning. Ska leta vidare och se om jag hittar några fler bilder från den här photoshooten :)

Kanadensiska promon för 4.12

Den kanadensiska promon för det första avsnittet för året som går i USA nästa vecka :D Det är lite nya klipp i den här trailern.

Casual Leighton

Bilder på Leighton när hon var på väg till repet till Golden globe i förrgår!

Mer Golden Globe

2 bilder på Leighton från efterfesten av Golden Globe den hölls av  tvkanalen HBO och 2 från showen när Leighton presenterade med Garret  :)

Tack för kommentarer! Blir verkligen jätte glad när jag ser att ni verkar gilla bloggen, det är ni som gör att jag fortsätter! :)

Ny bild på Ed

Ny bild på Ed från Chalet Girl!
Jag kan seriöst sitta och kolla på den här bilden hela dagen!! :D

Leighton presenterar

Klippet då Leighton presenterade med Garret igår på Golden Globe galan :)

Leighton på Golden Globe gala

Bilder på Leighton när hon gick på röda mattan igår på Golden Globe galan :)

Golden Globe kl 02.00!

Som ni kanske kommer ihåg så har jag skrivit förut att Leighton kommer presentera på Golden Globe som går i USA idag. Men vi kan faktiskt kolla på det live här i svenska tv i natt om vi vill! :) Klockan 02.00 startar galan på kanal 9 så om någon är sugen på att se Leighton presentera med Garret Hedlund så kan ni ju kolla då annars kommer det säkert upp på internet så man kan se i efterhand :)

Chalet girl- Cast Script reading

Här är ett klipp från Chalet girl när dom övade på sitt script. Inte så jätte intressant kanske men vi får se lite ed i allfall ;)

Leighton på Art of Elysium Gala

Igår var Leighton på Art of Elysium Gala och hon såg ut så här :)

"Ed Westwick is just so cool"

Ett kort klipp med Ed från inspelningarna av Chalet Girl :)

I agree this man i just so cool ;)

Handling för avsnitt 4.13

Handlingen för avsnitt 13 har kommit ut! och här har ni den ;)

BLAIR VS. DAN — Blair (Leighton Meester) is ecstatic to land an internship at W Magazine, but the thrill quickly fades when she finds out that Dan (Penn Badgley) has secured one of the coveted positions as well. Chuck (Ed Westwick) may have finally met his match with Russell Thorpe (guest star Michael Boatman) – and his daughter Raina (guest star Tika Sumpter) – back on the Upper East Side. Nate (Chace Crawford) receives alarming news about his father’s (guest star Sam Robards) business prospects. Blake Lively, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Jeremiah Chechik directed the episode written by Leila Gerstein.

Min favorit

Hittade en 3års gamla med intervjuv med Ed och Chace. Tyckte den var lite små roligt och rätt så gullig så check it out!;)

4.12 klipp med Blair och Dan

Klipp till nästa Gossip girl avsnitt med Blair och Dan :)

Namnet för avsnitt 4.18

Avsnitt 4.18 kommer att heta “The Kids Stay in the Picture”

GG inspelningar 12 januari

Ed syndes till även igår påväg till gossip girl inspelningarna från sin trailer :) Även på inspelningarna var Penn och Blake.

Till bild från missoni

Har kommit ut en till bild på Leighton från hennes missoni photoshoot :)

Behind the Scens från Seventeen

Ett klipp från behind the scens på Leighton seventeen photoshoot!

ÅÅ Trudy är så gullig i den här videon ^^

TV spot till The Roommate

Nu har Country Strong kommit ut i USA men 4 Februari kommer Leightons nästa film ut! Det har nu kommit ut en Tv spot från filmen The roommate med några nya klipp som inte finns med i trailern. :)

Gossip girl inspelningar 11 januari

Bilder på Ed som Chuck när han var påväg till Gossip girl inspelningarna igår!

Leighton på Regis and Kelly

Leighton gästade igår morse Regis and Kelly och här är klippet!
Dom pratar bland annat om Gossip girl och Country Strong :)

Gossip girl spoiler

Ausiello har svarat på en fråga om Dan och Blair för dom kommande avsnitten! SPOILER

Question: What about Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl? Are the writers going there? Please tell me they will. —Ana

Ausiello: I already addressed that provocative question last week in my story titled, “Dan and Blair: The Gossip Girl Writers are Going There.” At least I think it was called that. In any case, here’s a little scoopbit that wasn’t in that post. I have it on semi-good authority that there will be a ***s.

Stills till avsnitt 4.13 "Damien Darko"

Här bilderna till avsnitt 13 som visas den 31 Januari i USA!
Som ni troligen vet startar dom nya avsnitten den 24 januari :)


Gossip girl promo "Resolution"

Ny Gossip girl promo för den dom/det kommande avsnitten :)

Haha älskar när Blair slår till Nates rumpa x)

Första bilden från Missoni

Första bilden på Leighton från Missoni spring campain 2011 har kommit ut och här är resultatet!


The new Missoni campaign emphasizes once more the intention of interacting with the art world. Based on different languages and styles, it involves this time photography, collage and video, turning fashion into an unexpected portrait gallery, a contemporary accrochage of expressions and aptitudes, feelings and situations, a collection of modern, unique and inimitable ways of being, against the backdrop of the most playful and unconventional exhibition spaces.

London’s ‘Museum of Everything’ which the eccentric James Brett has conceived as a public temporary ‘wunderkammer’ for its extraordinary collection of masterpieces created on the fringes of the system. A collection of works realized by total strangers, non-professional geniuses, eccentric visionnaries, act as the setting for the shots Jurgen Teller has realized for the new campaign ‘Family and Friends’. A campaign that perfectly summarizes the trans-generational spirit of Missoni style, and the multi-cultural vision seen in the S-S 2011 collection.

Involving, besides Tai and Rosita, Vittorio, Luca and Angela, Margherita, Francesco, Teresa, Ottavio, Marco and Jennifer, also a large group of acquaintances and friends of different ages, personalities of the social and creative international scene such as Leighton Meester, Camilla Al Fayed, Eugenie Niarchos, Jasmine Guinness, Lissy von Thurn und Taxis, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Victoria Fernandez, Joan Burnstein, extraordinary artists and collectors such as Sir Peter Blake and James Brett, past and present top models like Andrea and Charlotte Dellal, Jade Parfitt, Jaquetta Wheeler.


Ed i ny film av Clint Eastwood!

Ed har blivit castad i en ny film av Clint Eastwood som heter J.Edgar såhär skriver Deadline om det!

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has landed a major supporting role in J. Edgar, the Clint Eastwood-directed drama about manipulative FBI director J. Edgar Hoover that stars Leonardo DiCaprio. At the same time, Charlize Theron will not be playing the role of Helen Gandy, as was rumored. She’s signing on for Snow White and the Huntsman at Universal and Eastwood is now looking at Naomi Watts and Amy Adams as possibles for the Gandy role. As for Westwick, the British actor will play a clean cut operative with writing skill. Once Hoover discovers he can write, he conscripts Agent Smith to write Hoover’s biography, until Smith gets a little too close to the truth. The film’s produced by Imagine Entertainment and Eastwood’s Malpaso. The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer also signed on to play Hoover’s assistant and secret lover Clyde Tolson.

Fler bilder från dagens inspelningar

Har hittat fler bilder från dagens inspelnignar av Gossip girl.Även Penn syndes till sedan på inspelningarna idag

Nya bilder från Chalet Girl

Har kommit ut två till bilder från Eds kommande film Chalet Girl!

GG Inspelningar idag,10 Januari!

Bilder på Leighton från inspelningarna av Gossip girl idag med Zuzanna Szadkowski som spelar Dorota! :)

GG inspelningar 5 januari!

Hittade tillslut efter mycket letande 3 bilder på Ed från inspelningarna av Gossip girl 5 januari :)

Scans från FASHION

Här är scans från tidingen FASHION som Leighton pryder framsidan på i februari.

Fler bilder från seventeen

Här är några fler bilder från Leightons seventeen fotografering som hon gjorde till senaste tidningen.

Januari preview

En ny promo för dom nya avsnitten av Gossip girl har kommit ut! :) Bara 16 dagar kvar :D

Handling för avsnitt 4.12

Här är handlingen för nästa avsnitt. Personen som har producerat avsnittet heter K.J Steinberh och har oxå producerat avsnitten THE BLAIR BITCH PROJECT, VICTOR VICTROLA and BLAIR WALDORF MUST PIE.
Nu får vi hoppas att han har lyckats lika bra med det här avsnittet :)

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)

“The Kids Are Not All Right” (TV-14) (HDTV)

MICHAEL BOATMAN (“THE GOOD WIFE”) AND TIKA SUMPTER (“ONE LIFE TO LIVE”) GUEST STAR — A former associate of Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) father, Russell Thorpe (Boatman) – along with his daughter Raina (Sumpter) – returns to Manhattan with some unfinished business for our Upper East Siders. Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck join forces against Lily (Kelly Rutherford). Blair (Leighton Meester) realizes that her mother, Eleanor (guest star Margaret Colin), may be her key to becoming a future CEO. Nate (Chace Crawford) worries that his father, The Captain (guest star Sam Robards), is having a little too much fun and not taking his parole seriously. Penn Badgley and Matthew Settle also star. Allan Kroeker directed the episode written by K.J. Steinberg.

Ed on the cover av IN New York

Ed pryder framsidan av IN New York den här månaden och det är en artikel i tidningen oxå. Jag gillar verkligen dom här två bilderna på honom!

Leighton get skunked!

En artikel med Leighton från en händelse på inspelningarna av Country Strong! :)

Garrett Hedlund knows how to create a stink on a movie set, but not in the way you’d think. Just ask Leighton Meester.

In the movie ‘Country Strong,’ the characters played by Garrett and Leighton fall in love.

“Garrett is really awesome. I think he’s wonderful; he’s like a knight in shining armor in the movie and he also has this real vulnerable sweet side that comes out,” the brunette beauty tells The Boot. “He’s kind of a big kid.”

However, there’s one side of his personality that she admits can be a little “frustrating,” although funny. One day, Leighton was getting her hair and makeup touched up during a lunch break. “[Garrett] put a stink bomb in the [make-up] trailer. It was just me and the hairstylist, and I’m going, ‘Did he just…?’ I’m sure the hairstylist is looking at me like, ‘Did she just …?’ And then suddenly it gets to be too much to contain and I just have to run out screaming, and [Garrett's] just standing there laughing at me.”

As moviegoers will see, Leighton clearly spent a fair amount of time in the make-up trailer, given her character’s painted-on Barbie style. “I think it’s really helpful to look like a totally different person to get into that headspace,” she says. “I’d be touching my hair and I’d be like, ‘Can I just wash it, please?’ It was like this lacquered top and then underneath I kept on saying it felt like a cemetery with weeds and crazy stuff happening in there, [plus] eye lashes and lips, acrylic nails, the dresses and the little cross. But, yeah, that was a totally helpful part of the process.”


The tonight show with Jay Leno

Här är några bilder på Leighton från the Tonight Show with Jay Leno som hon gjorde för två dagar sedan :)

People’s Choice Awards

Leighton och Minka presenterar KidRock på People Choice Awards.

Leighton på LAX

Igår syndes Leighton till på LAX för att flyga tillbaka till New York med sin hund trudy:)

4.12 "The kids are not alright" stills

Bilder till första avsnittet efter upphållet har kommit ut! Avsnittet går den 24 januari i USA om ni har glömt bort det :)
ÅÅ jag vill att det ska börja igen!!! :P

Leighton på The tonight show with Jay Leno

Igår gästade Leighton Jay Leno show och här är klippet! :)

Leighton på people choice awards

Leighton var igår på People choice awards och presenterade ett pris med hennes kollega Minka Kelly som hon spelar The roommate med med :)

Words i couldn't say

Här är ett klipp från Country Strong när Leighton uppträder med låten Words I couldn't say :)

news om Dan och Blair

Här en text där Stephanie Savage pratar om Blair och Dan plus lite annat mot slutet! spoiler! :)

Exclusive: Gossip Girl Flirts with Dan/Blair Romance

Spotted: an unlikely twosome on the Upper East Side. As first hinted in last month’s fall finale, Gossip Girl will explore a deepening bond between mortal enemies Dan and Blair when the show returns on January 24. Although executive producer Stephanie Savage declines to say just how close the two will grow, she believes that the relationship is rife with potential.
“The Dan and Blair connection is something that’s been there from the earliest episodes,” she tells “Their relationship to Serena, and the degree to which they’re polar opposites and represent everything that the other hates, makes their dynamic really charged. At the same time, they are characters that have a lot in common. They are the most book-smart characters. They share a lot of the same interests. And as much as they might want to hate each other, there are a lot of reasons for them to like each other. So it’s a really fun dynamic to write.”

And to watch. The recent episode that turned the pair into junior detectives attempting to unravel the Juliet mystery confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester have enough chemistry to ignite an entire laboratory. “We were inspired a lot by ’30s and ’40s screwball comedies, like The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart,” says Savage. “You basically have two people that hate each other but are smart enough to enjoy each other’s banter. ”

Of course, not everyone is salivating at the prospect of a Dan/Blair pairing. Savage is well aware that there’s a large segment of the show’s viewership that would prefer for Dan and Blair remain at odds. “I would say that those issues that fans are struggling with are the exactly the same issues they’ll see Dan and Blair struggling with,” she says. “There’s a lot of ambivalence and even revulsion on their part.”

Embarking on such a polarizing storyline is “definitely nerve-racking,” Savage confesses, “but it’s also exciting, and that’s kind of the tightrope of working on a show like Gossip Girl where fans are so passionate. On the one hand, you want to keep people happy all the time, but if you don’t try new things, people get bored.”

Well, unless you’ve been living under the chip on Jenny’s shoulder for the last fourth months, you know that Gossip Girl‘s fourth season has been anything but boring. Much of the credit for the show’s creative resurgence belongs to a compelling and expertly plotted A story revolving around Katie Cassidy’s Big Bad Juliet. But with Big J (and Little J, for that matter) out of the picture, at least for now, how does the CW soap plan to maintain its momentum during the latter half of the season? In addition to the Dan/Blair arc (which involves the pair working together at a fashion magazine), Serena will attempt to make a go of a romance with her wrongly accused former teacher (and Juliet’s bro) Ben, Lily will begin the long journey back from the doghouse she has found herself in (with a little help from her returning ex, Billy Baldwin), Nate will adjust to having his divorced former jailbird father as his quasi-roommate, and two new characters — the Donald and Ivanka Trump-esque father/daughter team of Russell and Raina Thorpe (Michael Boatman and Tika Sumpter) — will shake up Chuck’s personal and professional worlds.

And getting back to Jenny, what part — if any — will Dan’s MIA sis play in all of this? Savage says the size of Taylor Momsen’s role on the show is “something we’re figuring out as we go along.” Is there any set date for her return? “Nothing that I want to talk about,” she says. “I liked how in the first half of the season people didn’t know when she was coming back. I think that helps the storytelling.”


Leighton på golden globe!

Den 16 januari kommer Leighton presentera Garrett hedlund på the Golden Globe!
Vi får hoppas att vi får se några bilder från det då :)

Namnet för avsnitt 4.17

Avsnitt 17 kommer heta Empire of the Son.

Undra vad det kan ha för betydelse? Hmmmm?

Launch of portraits of hope art project

Leighton var igår på ett event i Santa Monica, där hjälpte hon med att ändra en utomhus is rink till ett paradis av målade blommor :) 

Leighton på framsidan av FASHION

Leighton pryder framsidan av tidningen FASHION februari utgåva :)

Inspelningarna börjar!

I morgon ska inspelningarna börja igen för Gossip girl dom börjar spela in avsnitt 4.16 imorgon och det har sagts att Ed kommer vara en av dom som kommer vara på inspelningarna. Vi får hoppas att det kommer bilder :)

Dom här tre ställerna är dom som är sagda att dom ska spela in på:

  • Exteriors near Bergdorfs
  • Near Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park
  • The iconic Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel.

(Ska vara på inspelningarna vid the Oak Room)

Ed fast på Island i 48 timmar

Jag har sett bilder på Ed från när han var på Island och jag fattade aldrig varför han var där men nu har jag fått det förklarat så här skrev ABC news på deras hemsida :)

The worst part about the snowpocalypse was that no one was prepared for it. If I had known that Ed Westwick was going to be stranded at the airport in Iceland for 48 hours, I would have been waiting there to "entertain" him.


But alas, the "Gossip Girl" bad boy "walked into the duty-free shop and bought a bottle of vodka." Swoon. He was stranded when his flight to London got snowed in and according to a spy, "he looked like hell."

Så vad tror ni? Tror ni det är sant om vad den som spionerade såg?

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Bilderna är från den 18 december på island

The roommate teaser

Har kommit ut en teaser till Leightons kommande film The roommate som kommer ut 4 februari i USA :)

Leighton Meester: City Girl in the Country

Här är en intervjuv Teenhollywood har gjort med Leighton :)

We know pretty brunette Leighton Meester as NYC socialite Blair Waldorf on “Gossip Girl”. This year, Leighton welcomed the chance to go to Nashville to play a stage-shy country music wannabe in the new romantic drama Country Strong even if it meant a grueling schedule filled with music rehearsals, constant plane flights and character confusion.


In Beverly Hills, Leighton, dressed in a cute Derek Lam dress with a denim/country vibe, told us that the film has changed her in a host of ways, including a total re-vamp of her musical tastes and style. The pop princess with an edge is stepping aside at least temporarily while the actress and singer picks up her new acoustic guitar and is determined to “write songs from my heart”.


Leighton got so caught up in YouTube research on both femme country singers and beauty pageants (her character Chiles claims she’s “Miss Dallas”;) that she turned “a bit evil” watching titles like “Beauty Queen Falls” or “Beauty Queen Buys her Sash on E-Bay”.


At our interview, Leighton asks her assistant where her “baby” is and we think we’ve got one heck of a scoop until she explains that the “baby” is her little rescue terrier mix Jack. Kick back and let’s visit with Ms. Meester who tells us first that she hasn’t given up on love.


TeenHollywood: Let’s talk one of the major themes of Country Strong. Do you feel that love and fame can co-exist?

Leighton Meester: I would like it to. I haven’t really been faced with that yet. I’m just doing work and that’s what I focus on now. But, I love, love and I want it in my life. I have a lot of it in different ways. When it comes, I welcome it and when it isn’t there, it kind of sucks to be honest [she laughs] but you have inspiration coming from other places.


TeenHollywood: Do you think love has to be the foundation when you are matching up with someone else in the same career field? Tim McGraw was saying that was certainly true for him and wife Faith Hill.

Leighton Meester: Yeah. If it’s just that you have your careers in common, [it won’t work]. People say to me, ‘Well, if you have trouble, don’t date actors.’ Well, who the hell else am I gonna date when I work 24 hours a day? [we laugh]


TeenHollywood: Which character do you identify most with? Blair or Chiles?

Leighton Meester: They are completely different and that’s what keeps me happy and not bored. I think Blair is larger than life [laughs]. She’s doing things that I would never do. She’s very manipulative and conniving in this heightened reality whereas Chiles feels like somebody who I know or maybe a part of myself. She’s a lot of things I want to be. [My director] Shana [Feste], during rehearsal was like ‘You’re not all that naïve or light and happy about things, are you?’ I was appalled. ‘How dare you?’ [she laughs]. I was like ‘Oh, I guess not’. She said ‘You should try to be’. So, from then on I did and even to this day, I’m much happier.


TeenHollywood: You and hot Garrett Hedlund play the young lovers in the film and have the same agent. Did you really know him though beforehand? How was working with him?

Leighton Meester: I had met him but we had a chemistry reading together. I walk in and he’s sitting on the floor. I felt very drawn toward the character. Obviously, Beau is the knight in shining armor but [Garrett] lends a totally different flavor to it with his sweetness and his vulnerable side which changes the character completely to suit him. He’s great and wonderful to work off of.


TeenHollywood: You have a couple of scenes with Gwyneth. Did you two get a chance to talk and bond before, during or after?

Leighton Meester: Yeah. I think, because of her role, I wasn’t sure exactly what the interaction would be. Obviously, our dynamic in this movie is two women in this industry who are not necessarily happy all the time. As an actress, I really admire her because she is incredible but, as a person, everybody loves her because she is so generous and, off camera, she’s very funny and down to earth. She’s just a down, cool chick.


TeenHollywood: Kelly [Gwyneth’s country music superstar character] gives Chiles seven or eight pieces of advice. What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten about the business and who did it come from?

Leighton Meester: I feel really lucky that I’ve gotten good advice as I’ve gone along in my career. Anything that would come from my family would be like ‘Okay, cool. You’re working. Go take out the trash’. I think the best advice was from this director Julian Farino [The Oranges] who was very supportive of following your heart. If you are doing what you love, it doesn’t matter if a smaller percentage of people like it. At least you like it.


TeenHollywood: Were there any young country singers that you took moves or sounds from?

Leighton Meester: Yeah. We would go to lower Broadway bars in Nashville and see singers downing whiskey shots on stage and Shana is like ‘Now that’s the beginning’ then we went to the Ryman [Auditorium] and saw Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood, much more powerful; these huge stars, very comfortable in that atmosphere. I don’t know what’s more nerve-wracking; standing in front of a small crowd and having everyone boo you or having to stand in front of a crowd of ten thousand people with them all cheering and you have to be really confident. This movie has taught me to sing and write from my heart and, in that way, I like Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. I like the simplicity of that paired with the presence of emotion.


TeenHollywood: Chiles starts out frozen with stage fright. Can you relate to that?

Leighton: Yeah. It terrifies me when I have to go up on stage. Even just for the movie, that scene is really uncomfortable. It felt so uncomfortable, I’m sure, for everyone who was there. For me, if I ever have to do any kind of public speaking or be up on a stage in front of people, my hands are sweating just thinking about it, honestly. It really terrifies me.


TeenHollywood: We know you hit YouTube pretty hard to research. Did you watch any movies set in the same world?

Leighton Meester: I think the beauty of this movie is it’s written about human relationships and the characters and the interactions between them. That’s where life comes in. You can’t really watch a movie for research necessarily. But, obviously Coal Miner’s Daughter and the tone of that and Crazy Heart.


TeenHollywood: You had to fly back and forth from NYC and “Gossip Girl” to Nashville to shoot this. What was the most difficult thing about that pressure? Slipping back and forth into two characters quickly or just the exhaustion?

Leighton Meester: I rarely find myself physically tired because I do get a decent amount of sleep. It’s putting your priorities in order. I’d be going back and forth and be on the plane and say “Where am I going? Who am I now?” But I chose that for myself and I had to do it and wanted to do it. I enjoyed it. I’d show up in the morning and Shana would have coffee for me and come in my trailer and sit and talk and work it out. Luckily we had a lot of rehearsal time that got my head switched to the [Chiles] character. The thing about “Gossip Girl”, I’ve been doing it for about four years so the dialogue comes so easily.


TeenHollywood: Did you have any time to party at all in Nashville?

Leighton Meester: I didn’t get to do a lot of stuff other than working which was kind of unfortunate because everyone else was always going out and I just said ‘I’ve got to catch a plane’.


TeenHollywood: You grew up in Florida so how hard was getting the Texas accent right?

Leighton Meester: I had a dialect coach. He seemed to say I got it pretty easily. It was hard on set with everybody doing their Tennessee accent which is different but it was fun and all the dialogue was perfectly suited for her accent so I was into it that way. I fell into it and I still do sometimes. A lot of people in my family are from the South so I sort of drew on certain things that they say. It’s a different, slower way of talking.


TeenHollywood: Chiles really wants to learn new things. She is using flash cards while on tour in the film. Any further education in your future or any subject you would like to take classes in some day?

Leighton Meester: A couple of years ago I was thinking about that because that was about the time I would have been graduating from college and I didn’t go. I’m thankful for that because I’ve had a lot of other life experiences but I’ve always read a lot and that’s part of my life that I enjoy. It’s how I decompress. I love to live in a little fantasy world sometimes which can be good and bad. Then I decided I want to be really smart so I started reading books that you would read in college and started educating myself that way. I read all these classic books.


TeenHollywood: Wasn’t joining the “Gossip Girl” cast sort of like going away to school?

Leighton Meester: Yeah. When I moved to New York it was like that. Everybody in the show had moved at the same time and we all hung out and shared life experiences.


TeenHollywood: What do you wish the showrunners of “Gossip Girl” would let Blair do or have?

Leighton Meester: I want a cute guy to be honest. She’s not gonna be with Chuck for a minute so she needs someone else. I really liked it when she was dating the Prince for a while.



Inget att göra?

Har ni inget att göra nu på lovet så kan ni kika in på några av dom här hemsidorna
- Kolla in gamla gossip girl avsnitt läsa på hittade berättelser om bland annat Chuck och Blair. alltid kolla på bra fan-made videos med C och B.

Ex på bra youtubare som gör klipp med Blair och Chuck

Det är just nu tomt med nyheter om Leighton och Ed därför är det så låg uppdatering :)

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