Senaste spoiler

Dom senaste spoilerna från Kristin

Helen: OK, what is up with Leighton Meester leaving Gossip Girl? Is she really leaving?
Since so many of you are still asking about this, we should let you know the latest from Lay-Lay. (She once awesomely questioned my choice of pants with what “clearly is a dress” so I consider us BFFs and on a nickname basis.) The lowdown is this: My E! Online colleague Marc Malkin asked her how much longer she’ll be on the show, and she said, “Two more years.” Then, when we met up with Leighton late last week, she was a bit more cautious, saying: “I don’t know. I can’t predict the future. I have no idea. And now everyone’s asking me because you [Malkin] asked me the other day! Everyone’s like, ‘You’re leaving.’ I’m not, I don’t know. Our contracts are up in two years. I mean you never know. I don’t know what’ll happen.” So there is one rumor we can shoot down: Leighton is not leaving the show to join Psychic Friends Network. Also, I sorta heart this girl all the more for speaking her mind—whether it’s about shirts-versus-dresses or contracts.

Sara in Dearborn, Michigan: Are Serena and Ben going to be together and what’s going to happen with Dan and Blair, are they going to be together?
There’s definitely more to Ben’s story, as he’ll be sticking around longer than his obnoxo-socks sister Juliet (Katie Cassidy) so look for some sparkage to fly. As for Dan and Blair, I am bound and gagged, but FYI to you who sent me “lovely” messages regarding my last mention of them, I’m really not a Dan and Blair shipper, I just liked their chemistry as a sleuthy spy team. In fact, I’m not a G.G. shipper at all. I have far greater G.G. issues to occupy my mind. Like how I can incorporate Taylor Momsen’s look into my Mommy and Me playdate outfits. Thoughts?


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