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Chuck woke up with a smile. He quickly took his clothes for today and went to bathroom to shower. While he stood under the hot water his thoughts wandered back to one hot and gorgeous as hell brunette and her amazing lips.


Yesterday night went pretty well like he had planned. If not this secret he was sure she has, it would be perfect. He wasn't even disappointment that much about the fact that they hadn't slept together. He could wait.


After their date he wanted her. All of her, not only her body for one night. Though she has amazing legs… and all the rest for sure. But when he was riding in his limo last night after he kissed her goodbye, and what a kiss it was, he decided she would be his.


He can do all this boyfriend things if it means she will be his and he would have this feeling all the time. This strange feeling he had felt since he had met her was even stronger when she kissed him last night. He had felt fluttering and maybe after all he wasn't just sick.


He remembered Nathaniel talking about 'butterflies' one time when his best friend had met Serena. At the time he had of course laughed at him and called him a pussy. Well maybe his blond friend was right about something for once.


He still obviously wanted to sleep with her as he isn't Chuck Bass for nothing. But even now he knew one time wouldn't be enough for him. He had now a mission and he always wins. Chuck decided to start tomorrow as that was the soonest he will see her again. She doesn't stand a chance against his plan.


With that thought he stepped out of the shower and dressed himself in the dark pants and pink shirt he picked out before. After combing his hair he grabbed his phone to call for someone more experienced at this 'relationship's things'. He pushed one on his speed dial and waited putting his scarf on. He was out in the elevator when his friend finally picked up.


'Hello Nathaniel. Remember our lunch plans tomorrow? I have to back out but how about brunch today?' He asked and after receiving 'Sure man' he smirked. 'Great. Meet me in my new club in twenty.' He added before hanging up. It figures Chuck Bass would have brunch in the club. They had the best scotch after all. He had made sure of it himself.


On the other side of the town Blair woke up with similar big grin. Last night was really one of the best she had had in a while. Damn, it was the best one for sure; and in a rather long while.


As much as she loved spending time with Serena and Nate it was good not being third wheel for once. It wasn't that they wanted to make her feel like that but sometimes you can't help it when you're in the theatre with two people so obviously in love with each other.


Serena has tried to find her someone but even she had given up eventually after another awkward dinner. She really hasn't had much luck with the guys. Not to mention Serena's choices wasn't the best one. A computer maniac, really? Way to bore her to death.


She had to admit though that Chuck was not that bad after all. He was really nice to her – in his own way of nice obviously – and lessened his disgusting comments a bit. She wasn't sure why he was this way, she had thought before their date he will make her night a living hell, but she wasn't going to think too much about it for now.


What had her thinking a lot on the other hand was the end of their evening. She had kissed him! It was amazing as he sure knew how to kiss. Well with his reputation she shouldn't be surprised.


The only thing was that he then left with just a 'Goodnight' and a kiss on the cheek. He didn't even seem to want to go up or take her somewhere else. And the absolutely worst thing is that she isn't sure if she would say no.


Blair spent some time thinking so when she got up it was already after eleven. She quickly took a shower and dressed in dark jeans and her favorite white top.


She looked at her clock and spotted she had only half an hour to get to Serena so she decided to pin her hair up and put red lipstick on.


After she had some cereals; Blair left the apartment and took a cab to her best friend's place. She was there after ten minutes and in the elevator in next two. She fixed her hair, which had fallen out of place, and knocked at the door.


Nate opened few seconds later and she heard fast steps with loud 'mommy' before she saw her son with Serena in tow. He was by her in no time. They hugged and said quick goodbyes to the blondes.


Some time later they were standing in front of the pond in the park, Christopher holding Blair's hand. She has always loved coming here as a child with her dad so she decided one day to bring her baby too and he has loved it just like her.


From that Monday they were here at least once in the month. Jenny never came here with the boy because that was their secret bonding place like she used to call it.


When the bread, which Blair had packed in her bag when she was leaving, ended she asked a question that was a tradition too.


'Want to get some ice cream now?' She asked though she had obviously known the answer. Come on, which four years old would refuse it?


'Yes mommy! Let's get a big ice cream! A blue one! Please, can we get a blue one?' He asked and she knew she wouldn't be able to say no even if she'd want to. He had the cutest little brown eyes ever. And from some time eat only this weird blue ice creams called 'Harry Potter' (I don't know if they have it in America but we have it here and I think it is weird lol) or in some places something even more idiotic.


'Sure baby. Let's go.' She replied and they went in the shop direction.


Meanwhile Chuck was sitting in his new club, drinking scotch while waiting for his best friend. He was going to call him again but just then he has walked in. They shook hands and Nate ordered some juice.


'Isn't it too early for it?' He asked looking at brunette's glass.


'It's never too early for good drink Nathaniel.' He answered and the blond laughed while shaking his head.


The bartender gave him his juice and after quick 'Thanks' they were alone.


'So why did you wanted to meet earlier?'


'You have to help me with something.'


'Why do I have a feeling it has to do with certain brown eyed friend of mine?' He asked with a smile.


'Well good to know you are getting cleverer by each second Nathaniel. Now would you just tell me something useful?' Chuck asked back annoyed. Was he really that obvious with his interest in Blair?


'The only thing I can tell you is that her birthday is next Wednesday. Serena and I are throwing her a party. Our place seven o'clock. If you want my advice – bring nice gift. Blair loves her birthday and she's like a child with the presents.' He said with a grin but then get more serious.


'But you should think twice before you do something because honestly she may not seem so but she has been through a lot believe me. And if you're not going to be serious about it leave her alone. She is a really awesome woman when you get to know her better and she doesn't need another trouble.'


'Don't worry Nathaniel; I'm as serious as you can be.' He replied and got up. 'Thanks for everything. Take care.' He added and left before the blonde could say something more.


He was driving in his limo when he thought about their talk again. There it was. He finally admitted to someone other than himself that he was serious about Blair. That he doesn't want to just fuck her anymore. And it couldn't be truer.


They arrived in front of the store and he got out saying his driver to wait for him. Time to buy his new obsession a gift. After all which woman doesn't love jewelry?


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