Ed's föräldrar söker om honom på internet

Här är en liten intervjuv med Ed som har kommit ut :)

The star is best known for his role in American television series Gossip Girl, in which he plays Chuck Bass. He knows there are often funny rumours circulating about him, but doesn’t let them affect him. They do get to his mother and father though, as they read every story printed about their son.

“It’s very bizarre. There are things written than you wish weren’t, things that aren’t anybody else’s business. At first it was weird, surreal, frustrating, but if people want to say sh*t they’re going to say sh*t,” he said. “My mum and dad scale the internet 24/7 so the stories bother them more. I speak to them three or four times a week but they’re always like, ‘I saw this picture of you, what’s going on?’ They’re funny.”

Ed largely remains unaffected by fame, although they are some things he watches out for. He sometimes worries about getting presents from fans, after one of his co-stars received an odd gift from an over-zealous admirer.

“It was a teddy bear with a secret camera sewn into it,” he told Company magazine. “Luckily our security guard had encountered the same thing with Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City so he intercepted it. That’s scary sh*t though...”



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