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Kristin svara på frågor om Gossip girl!! SPOILER SPOILER

Tammy: Please give us some Chair spoilers for the second half of the season!
Well, file this under bad news. Jessica Szohr tells us someone new is coming to Gossip Girl…again. "We have another guest star coming on, which is amazing," she says. "She starts to date Chuck Bass, which is exciting because everyone always wants Chuck and Blair together. This someone throws a little loop in their relationship—or throws everyone, actually." Another loop for Chuck and Blair? How do we feel about this, Chairsters?

Monica: Any chance Katie Cassidy will become a regular? I am loving to hate her on Gossip Girl!

I'm told she's only signed on for 11 episodes total—so, sorry, but you might not want to get too attached. She's got great stuff before she goes, though.

Meghan: Will Sam Page be back on Gossip Girl?

Sadly, Sam Page's sweet smile won't be back in the Upper East Side anytime soon. "There's no plan to return as of yet, but the door's certainly open since we left it on a nice note with a brief relationship," Sam tells us.

@Flave101 (via Twitter): I want to know about what's coming up for Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl. Any Jenny and Nate news?
Sad trombone! Nothing in the works for Jenny and Nate, and I'm told writers seem to be done with that storyline—at least for the current season. Sadness? Happy dance? What say you?

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Postat av: Martin The Edge


Vilken låt (enligt dig) är den bästa genom tiderna?

Ha en fortsatt härlig kväll!

2010-11-23 @ 18:08:16
Postat av: Lisa

Men åå vad drama det är mellan Chuck och Blair jämt.. Så chuck kommer dejta en annan tjej. Hur tror du Blair kommer reagera på det? ;) Själv tycker jag att det börjar bli riktigt långsögt, jag vill bara få de tillsammans C o B sen är jag nöjd. Hoppas att de inte väntar tills sista avsnittet och blir ett par.. :P

2010-11-23 @ 22:50:13

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