Ausiello spoiler

Jag älskar spoiler och nu har Ausiello besvarat fler frågor om gossip girl! :D Spoilervarining!

Question: Any chance of Blair and Chuck getting back together on Gossip Girl? —Savanna
Ausiello: There’s a pretty good chance of it happening in the next couple weeks, but I have to warn you: It won’t be pretty. Think War of the Roses meets lots of sex.

Question: I’ve had enough Chuck and Blair spoilers. Please tell me something good about Nate and Serena! —Ilaria
Ausiello: The former lovers attend Blair’s birthday party together, but as friends. Hey, it’s something. In other GG news, ‘memba the peace treaty I told you Nate and Serena get Blair and Chuck to sign? Well, Dan — who stands to benefit from B&C remaining at war—steals it.


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