JÄTTE STORA spoiler för säsong 4 avsnitt 4-5

LÄS VERKLIGEN inte om ni inte vill veta någonting! Jätte stora spoilers för säsong 4!!
Text under bilden!


- Episode 4 is mostly centered around the Dan and Serena relationship, and Blair trying to take Eva down.
- Serena and Nate have unfinished business, but there’s almost no focus on them, she tells him she’s there for him, but so far she’s clearly leaning to Dan.
- Milo isn’t Dan’s. He’s sad because he got attached to the baby.
- Dan confesses to Rufus that he’s still in love with Serena and that he was about to fly to Paris and do whatever it takes to get her back, but Georgina showed up.
- Eva is innocent, but leaves by the end of episode 4. Blair set her up. Chuck declares war to Blair.
- Dan and Vanessa break up for good in episode 4.05
- Someone may have an STD.
- Blair still loves Chuck, but can’t forgive him for sleeping with Jenny.
- Serena may face expulsion from Columbia.
- Chuck wants to take everything away from Blair.
- Chuck gets Jenny a job interview at Parsons, and he tells them that Jenny would cause a better impression if she was interviewed in person. Jenny is returning in the next episode.
- Juliet’s “brother” Ben wants to take Serena down and leave her with nothing. But Juliet is falling for Nate.
- Blair hasn’t told anyone about Chuck and Jenny sleeping together.



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