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EW har svara på två frågor om Gossip girl! SPOILER som vanligt så läs inte om ni inte vill veta! :)

Blair Waldorf needs a devil redeemed, not a donut. Is there any good Chuck/Blair stuff coming up on Gossip Girl? — Janey
And your reward is such: Of course there are great Chair moments coming up! Producers have certainly heard your cries, and all I’ll say is that you should not count anyone out of the running for Blair’s heart. On that note, can everyone please give Josh Schwartz his Twitter back? [Also, CONGRATULATIONS. You are the winner of this week's Best Question award for one of the best characterizations of Dan Humphrey I've ever read.]


Can you tell us anything about Blair on Gossip Girl and the many men in her life? She’s got her pauper, her prince and her king — how will she ever choose?! I’m really rooting for Chuck and Blair to get back together eventually. Can you tell us if the last five episodes have some drama for them? — Leslie
I don’t know how she’ll choose, but I do know that easier choices have been made by entire branches of the U.S. government. Kidding. But in all seriousness, there is definitely drama to be had, and I hear there’s more than you can handle in the two-part finale, which takes place over one event-filled night in the Gossip-verse (but airs over two weeks for us).



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