Snabb intervjuv med Ed!

Från en hemsida som heter Gossipgirlss som ingen har en aning vilka är som äger men de är på inspelningarna nästan varje dag av Gossip girl! Här har dom i allafall snabbt intervjuvat Ed! :)

Ed Westwick

As revealed two weeks ago, Ed is taking a long break from doing anything. He is as of this date in Australia. We asked him if he’s going to bring anyone to accompany him for his adventure and his simple answer is “he doesn’t need anyone!”


EdenWaldorf : Ed, so you’re attached to Leo’s movie? Are you thrilled to be on the west coast or still want to be on the east coast?

Ed Westwick : Gossip Girl should move to West Coast! It’s great, change of scenery and change of girls to look and admire. It’s just lovely.


EdenWaldorf : Other than being in the movie, what else do you have in store for us? A duet with Leighton Meester?

Ed Westwick : She’s amazing but my genre of music is not the same as hers so we can’t! We sing all the time, Penn, Chace and I, we sing all the time together. We’re the ratpack! We don’t need girls. We need us! But I think I’ll be meeting Leighton for the summer before Gossip Girl starts to film again. I need to, she’s my girl! Chace need to wait. *laugh*



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