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Lisa: Thanks for all the Gossip Girl scoop! Any other tidbits from the 100th episode party?
Kaylee DeFer
(Ivy/Charlie) tells us: "I think Max desperately wants to expose Ivy. Whether or not he's successful, I don't know if he has the chops. But I think she's interested in Van Der Woodsens. She doesn't care much about Nate or Max. I think she is just more so all about the family than anything else at this point." When asked if she thinks Nate and Ivy would make a good couple, Kaylee tells us: "I think so. I think that she is kind of a hopeless romantic and he is in his sense as well. I think they'd be a great couple, plus I really would like to work with Chace. I love working with Chace, so I think that would be awesome."


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